Spring Cleaning-Gail Style

I am looking forward to the weekend,  it’s been a busy week and I stuck to my program: Coached Fitness Walking Monday & Wednesday, Gym on Tuesday and Belly Dancing on Thursday.  Tonight is a night off and Saturday and Sunday will be about Spring Cleaning.

What is Spring Cleaning-Gail Style: well it is all about cleaning the past along with the physical appearance of my abode.  I’ve held on to some things (a long, long time) that really have to go they just remind me of people and places I want to forget.

Constantly changing is not about the core,  in the center of it all I will always be the same Gail, it’s my surroundings and habits that just have to go.

This is the year of New Beginnings and the search for my Prince.   Oh yes I’m sure many will say it’s when you stop searching that you will find.  The fact is I am not really searching for him as much as I am searching for me.

Good little chameleon that I am….I feel through the years I have adapted and modified myself based on others.  Truth be told the last ten years I spent most of my time trying to live the years of “having fun” that I missed by growing up too fast and being a single Mom.

Now it’s out of my system and I am ready to grow up and move on.  Needless to say that the last ten years have not been wasted, I’ve made new friends, gained confidence and most of all realized what I really, really want.