Looks aren’t everything

So we’ve all heard the same story; it’s not just about what’s on the outside that counts it’s about your personality as well.  Poppy cock I say we live in a society that is defined by looks – models who don’t even have a size “zero” and others who are at the other extreme facing obesity.
When you’re twenty you don’t worry about what you eat but when you reach your forties every piece of food that touches your lips has to be accounted for and never mind being able to enjoy eating.
When did we become so obsessed,  it all started in our youth when we were compared to our girlfriends and school mates.  My question is when does it all end?
I have spent the last few years obsessing about my looks trying to retain my youthfulness and not regaining the weight that was excruciating to lose in the first place.
I’ve changed my hair colour, attire, makeup, eye glasses but one thing remains the same I am still obsessed with my looks.
It’s like a bad addiction I want to be thinner, prettier, better I’m hoping by the time I reach fifty I will be able to be happy with my looks but I keep hearing my mother’s voice in my head saying “When men stop looking at you, you have to worry”.
Well Mom they haven’t stopped looking, that’s never been the problem whether I was big or small, blonde or brunette.
I think the new social buzz should be that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, they should teach self-esteem in school now that would make a difference, focusing on building a society based in reality especially considering that obesity has now surpassed smoking as the number #1 killer in many places around the world. 
Over-eating is a form of self-abuse, soothing loneliness and unacceptance.  Schools need to start addressing this as an educational requirement.