Curves & Crevasses

The road of life is paved with good intentions, no one intends to take a wrong turn or fall in the ditch.

(speaking of ditch I have to side step and tell you about my experience with a ditch and wrong turn). 

I was in Jamaica it was 2001 shortly after 9/11.  It was my first time going to this Country and I was staying on the South West Coast near a town called Black River.   Shortly after arriving my ex-husband and I attended a Wake.  It was at his uncle’s home and along with his family and my daughter we attended.  He would stop and talk to everyone in patois at the time we were newly married and I didn’t understand patois, frustrated I decided to join his Sister who I spotted on the other side of the road.  As I made my way down the driveway I noticed a bunch of young men lined up along the roadside.  I didn’t want to be rude and decided to walk behind them.  I took one step and landed six feet down into a ditch of mud and twigs….(I thought it was the grave) the men looked back and saw that I was unable to get out on my own, four of them pulled me out as I looked like the creature from the black lagoon covered in mud with twigs poking out of my hair.   If that wasn’t embarrassing enough as I walked back up the driveway I heard the men yelling “whitey fell in the ditch.”

Now here is a story about a wrong turn; I was driving to pick up my ex-husband in the west end of Toronto and got the bright idea to take a different road.  I kept going around and around not being able to make sense of where I was.  I have lived in Toronto for fifteen years and knew the city but somehow I lost my sense of direction and could not figure out where I was.  Over two hours later I arrived and he was gone so I headed home, he was so mad but when I explained the situation he realized that I really did get lost.

Both incidents were frightening, embarassing and frustrating.   It’s easy to get confident and believe that we are on the right path but somehow incidents will happen to derail….somehow we have gotten off the path.

It can be difficult to be faced with a new direction  but in some ways it’s meant to slow us down and forcing us to look at where we are and where we are headed.
Everyone has good intentions and it does not mean that we don’t have a few curves and crevasses to get by,  courage helps us steer through them and strength, perseverance and hope gets us a good navigation system to avoid facing them again- I sure wish I had even a compass sometimes to guide me through it can be tough when you have a visual impairment to see things clearly, that’s where intuition and a belief in life comes in handy.