S.L.U.T – Are you talking about me?

I recently read an article about how women perceive each other and
it brought to mind some of the things that have been said about me.
The truth is I
don’t care what people think about me.  I spent many years worried about
my image and reputation.  It all comes down to how I feel about myself.
 For years I lived a double life afraid of integrating both my personal
and work life together but somehow now that is how I live.  I was in abusive relationships in the past and I refuse to be with someone who is dominating my life.
How I dress,
speak, look and how much I weigh has no bearing on anyone else but me.
 I’ve spent a lifetime finding fault with myself and still today there are
many things I wish I could change.

The fact is that
all women have issues about themselves and once we look at our issues and not
others we can begin to heal.  It’s easy to look at someone else and say
something derogatory but we only hurt womanhood as a whole.
Isn’t it time for
us to get over the fact that we are all so different; big, small, black, white,
tall, short, dressed to the nines or under-dressed, hetero, lesbian or even
trans-gender.  It is time for us to unite and support each other; we
fought for our rights in the past and won.  Burning bras comes to mind. 
We can choose our
sexual orientation, to get married or not, how we look and who we associate
with.  I hate hearing all the hate we throw at each other.  I want
this post to go viral to send a message to women around the world that the word
“Slut” is no longer associated to women.  
Definition of Slut: The term slut has therefore frequently been used as
an insult. 
The derogatory power of the term derives both from its denotative meaning
of a promiscuous woman, but also from its historical and regional connotations
or alternate meanings that identify a slut as a dirty or unkempt person. These
additional meanings and connotations are negative and identify a slut as being
a slovenly and ugly person
Personally as a
teenager I worried about my reputation just like everyone else but today’s open
relationships and lack of commitment create two anomalies – promiscuity or celibacy.
 I choose promiscuity, I am not in a committed relationship but it doesn’t
mean I screw Tom, Dick and Harry.  I might screw Tom on an on-going basis
as opposed to being celibate.  Is that not my choice? Does that make me a
slut or a smart woman?   
We have now come a
long way baby to the point where we are the ones deciding the rules.  I
think this is worth celebrating and not cause for hate.  Young women have
redefined sexuality and I for one applaud them it is no longer about labels it
is our time to re-invent relationships.  What is the alternative – being in a loveless
or abusive marriage?  Been there and done that and I won’t go back.
Definitions of a
relationship used to be (dating, going steady, engaged, married) now they are (dating,
booty call, friend with benefits, going steady, engaged, married).  It’s
time to stop the madness….don’t call another woman a slut call her creative,
confident, bold or even cougar if she happens to roll that way.  
Let’s work to change the language our daughters, grand-daughters
will hear when they make choices based on their preferences.  I for one don’t want someone to be in a
relationship for the sake of satisfying society’s need for approval or to be
alone because they can’t find a decent guy as a partner and potential life mate.
My sexuality, looks, weight are nobody’s business but mine.  It’s time to stop hating our sisters and stand
united against issues that really matter not what we are wearing or who we are
doing.  I want to be called Sister not Slut.  
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  1. This is my first time stopping by your blog. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to reading many more. Have a great day!


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