Changing your life -update

Hi Everyone,
Below was my very first post written in April of 2011.  It was the first view at what I wanted to change in my life.  At the time I was in a rut, following a slippery slope down the path of bad habits, broken dreams and a diminished look on life.
I’ve spoken about my feelings on suicide and how I am absolutely against it, however there is another type of death and that is to lose your spirit.  It’s that feeling of numbness and lifelessness inside.
I was in that place but with this blog, changes in my environment, lifestyle choices and support I am no longer in that dark spot.
Right now I am happy, my heart is singing again and I feel good about waking up in the morning.  It took a lot of hard work to get here.  I fought depression, choices, illness and temptations but it was worth it.
Currently I have a balanced life filled with friends, family, activities and so much more.  I have stepped out of my comfort box and into the new and unknown.
I am planning a music event, writing my blog, going to the gym, attending art shows and other events, spending time with my daughter and grand-daughter, visiting my mom, working full-time and saving some money for my future.
It’s a complete 360 from where I was before.  I still don’t have love but the passion is back.  I’m not consumed with relationships, bar-hopping or clubbing all the time and life is absolutely grand.
Thank you to everyone who supports me week after week, reading my blog and commenting.  I could not have done it without you.
I am going to continue writing, it might change a bit in terms of content and frequency but I hope you stay with me as I continue my journey. I have achieve two of the three goals – passion and friendship.  Love remains the one I need to achieve
Here is the post I originally wrote in April of 2011
It’s difficult to come to a crossroad and hope that you can move forward to live a full rich life filled with friendships, love and passion.
Unfortunately these things are fleeting and not always so easy to have.  For some this seems to be a piece of cake but I don’t think most people have it so easy, I know I don’t.
I’ve decided to make a change in my life and I find the hardest thing is letting go of my perceptions of myself ingrain in my heart and soul. 
How can I overcome the biggest obstacle to my dream?  The only way I know to overcome any obstacle is head on…just do it and don’t look back, one thing about myself I never want to change is my ambition and “never give up” attitude.
Re-inventing my life is going to start with a collage of what I want.  I am going to put together the way I would like my life to look from my outer image to my entourage to my romance.
Join me on this journey as I take a leap of faith and turn this frogette into a “got it together” princess.
After all life is about happily ever after and I am on the path to find my prince.
They say seek and ye shall find so I am looking for love, friendship and passion.