Monkey See, Monkey Throws Pooh

I watched an episode of Big Bang Theory where they discussed monkeys throwing pooh and I thought it would be fun to see if I could write about it and tie it in to my post this week
Researchers found that monkeys who throw pooh among other things do it with a clear target in mind. Surprisingly, they found that monkeys that both threw more and were more likely to hit their targets showed heightened development. The better throwers, in other words, had more highly developed left brain hemispheres, which is also, non-coincidentally, where speech processing occurs in people. Those that could throw better also appeared to be better communicators within their group. Throwing stuff at someone else became a form of self expression.

Why am I talking about monkeys and pooh you may be asking yourself? It has to do with self-expression and the ability to throw snappy come-backs (pooh) which can enhance your communication skills. Some people are highly talented at slinging pooh while others seem surrounded by it almost like a wall built around them as a form of protection against those who throw. 

This my friends is why I am talking about pooh throwing monkeys. I have worried all my life about hurting others and so I held my tongue in an effort to protect others but unfortunately for me the wall just grew around me and while others threw hurtful comments my way I didn’t throw them back. Until now that is. My desire to be liked, get along and not appear confrontational has caused me to collect my pooh. After a while I worried I had accumulated so much that if I started flinging it I would cause some serious damage. 

I’m extremely lucky to have great friends in my life who have helped me shovel up pooh from years of unnecessary storage. I’ve discussed with them what I should have said and how it affected me and stayed with me after the pooh flinger walked away. 

My goal now is to learn to throw it and hit my target in other words communicate firmly and get my point across while maintaining some degree of restraint. I need to be able to aim the words that need to be said without fear, then I need to target the issue without pain and realize that what I say today shouldn’t stay with me forever – Monkey Terminology: Aim at your target, Throw the pooh and Walk back to the tree swing. 
Worrying about others is a good thing but not when it forces you to harbor your feelings and creates a sense of grief within. 
Fling it my pretties and say what you have to say. Communicate without fear after all the worst that can happen is that you’ll get pooh thrown at you. 

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