Be an Angel

There are many things I believe in. The main thing I pride myself on is not infringing on other people’s beliefs. I hope in the same way I can express myself without judgement.

I believe in God, I believe in Angels and I believe that the world is a battleground between forces of good and forces of evil.

I hear in the news about horrific situations including mass shootings, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Recently we heard about a mass killing at a theater in Aurora Colorado. In Toronto Ontario we had a shooting at a Community Barbecue.

I can look at this young man James Holmes who killed 12 people at a Batman Premiere and somehow try to figure out why he did it but instead I choose to look at the victims and some of the positives that came from this situation.

You are probably thinking she’s gone stark mad now! How could anything positive come from such a ghastly situation?

When tragedy hits it brings communities, neighbors, friends and family together and for a brief moment we care about people we don’t even know.

Three young men during the shooting shielded their girlfriends – wow that is absolutely impressive considering most men I encounter don’t even hold the door open for me. Years ago during the Columbine shooting spree at a school a young girl stood face to face with her attacker and she was killed after refusing to deny she believed in God, so much courage.

These young people illustrate for all of us that no matter what goodness trumps evil. It’s easy to have a negative view of life and I hear folks talking about how bad it is. We complain about work, the weather, gas prices, finances and each other.

Negativity can’t help us and we owe it to each other to smile and reflect a positive good attitude. We are the angels among us, providing comfort and support to each other.

Evil can only grow if you let it – I put my music on every morning with peppy tunes and I strive to smile and greet everyone I meet. When finances, emotions and my will to go on is down I laugh at the things I see posted on Facebook by my friends who kindly find the most hilarious jokes. (like the one below)

When all else fails and I get scared, as the world seems to be falling apart I remember this song:

and finally when I need to rekindle the kindness and remember my purpose in life – to inspire others. I play this song as a reminder that I need to be an Angel to others :))

For today don’t let the negatives affect your life, think of your part on the side of goodness and share it with others. A smile and small talk can go a long way. Be an Angel to someone who might need the strength to get through today.