The Zinger

It was a very educational long weekend.  Friday night I got
dolled up and headed downtown, it’s been a while since I’ve ventured away from
the comforts of my hood as it is fondly referred too.  

I teeter-tottered
with the idea of trying something new but finally found the courage to do it.
 It wasn’t great I stood by the dance floor clutching my Coors light and swaying to the music…I felt awkward but I’m proud that I fought my fears and went.
 After about an hour I headed back to familiar territory and ended the
night at my local hangout.  

In the wee hours
of the morning as I grabbed a Vachon Ah Caramel! for energy an acquaintance
offered to walk me home.  It was interesting that he was such a perfect
gentleman since he is usually a bit of a cock-a-doodle bragging about his
prowess to anyone within earshot. 
Saturday night I
headed out again, I have to say it’s nice to finally have the freedom to do what I want
especially since my teens were spent looking after my parents, my twenties
looking after my daughter and early thirties dealing with marriage, divorce and immigration.
I went to the
local bar and hung out with some friends.  There was a new guy in
his early thirties, Jamaican and good looking.  At the end of the night
four of us including the new guy ended up at a Portuguese bakery till the wee
hours of the morning.
I got a drive home
with the new guy and my friend Mike and Mr. Newbie who seemingly behaved like a gentleman walked me to the door.
 He wasted no time and propositioned me by saying “I would love to @#$%.”  I’m
censoring this since the context is not important I’m sure you get the gist.
Do you know what I
answered? I am so impressed with myself especially since I am the girl looking
for love, sometimes probably coming off needy.  The reality is the
complete opposite: I have gained confidence along the way that I didn’t know I
My answer to this
32 year old hunk was – stand in line.  He left apologizing and I assured
him that it was fine and I walked in the house saying Wow!!! shocked by his
boldness and absolutely amazed by my zinger.
On Sunday I went
out again and hung around with friends and all around it was a positive reinforced weekend of
doing things and saying things I would not have before.
The girl who grew
up with self-doubt and felt tormented with obstacles has transformed into the woman coming into her own who has finally reached the crescendo of confidence and I have to say it feels damn

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