The Rug Got Pulled

I keep hearing disbelief from everyone I’m talking to whether face-to-face or on social networks.

The rug got pulled from underneath us as we were walking to a better life and we are all in shock!!!

The disbelief is evident by how poorly we are coping with the high prices of food and gas, the job loss, the death and sickness and the devastation from mother nature around the world.

I am one of these people who is dumbfounded by all this and affected emotionally and physically by the amount of negative energy in the air.

It feels like the black cloud that follows you around everywhere you go… and even when you hide behind a tree, it waits for you to come out, and start following you again.

It’s only going to get worst.  I don’t mean to sound negative in any way but reality is that we will face more and more challenges along the way.  Every news item makes me gasp and exclaim wow! or wtf!  But guess what?  There is one way to get through this that will make it more bearable and that is to be a beacon of positive energy and enthusiasm.

The company I work for recently downsized and we lost a good chunk of amazing people some of whom I miss dearly.  As a result my job was eliminated and I was slotted into a new role.

When this happened I was confused, a bit angry and stressed.  I started to see things negatively and my demeanor changed-I wasn’t bubbly anymore I was dragging myself out of bed with aches and pains looking more like Quasimodo.

Then I started interacting with Sarah, a pregnant co-worker with a wicked sense of humour.  She made it fun to come in to work, her laughter is absolutely contagious. The negativity evaporated into thin air and my bubbly personality settled back where it belonged.

The only way we are all going to get through this is by restoring the positive energy around the world and we all need to do our part.  It’s simple to do but it takes one thing I can’t help you find and that is a desire to change the situation.

It’s sometimes easier to sit on the piss pot than it is to stand out.  If you decide you want to be part of the solution here’s what you can do; tell someone a joke, send them a heartfelt note, compliment the guy on the elevator and sing “I’m Alive” or any song that makes you smile and share it with everyone, don’t be shy about it because that’s what really matters.

Find a way every day to surround yourself with positive energy and spread it to others.  Teach them to fight darkness with positive light.

The rug got pulled, we fell down hard, but let’s just avoid rugs from now on and walk on the grass with bare feet a la flower child.

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