I’m Breaking Up With You!

Food and I, we have shared a love & hate relationship.
I’ve spoken about the roller coaster ride I had with diets: the ups
and downs on the scale, digestive issues that have plagued me for most of my
life, not to mention the hip and knee pain making me feel like I’m eighty
instead of in my forties.  It should be no surprise that I want to end my
relationship with food – “We are breaking up…it’s not you it’s me.”

All joking aside is it possible that I could learn to love
food? I don’t mean the way I love chocolate…I mean not seeing food as an
addiction anymore.  I don’t discount any diet that can help someone lose
weight. I’ve been successful in the past with Weight Watchers and I do feel
they are the leaders in weight loss models as they do not promote giving up any
type of food, instead they promote moderation.
The fact is that – dieting is not for me, it’s the deal breaker in this
long-term relationship. 
What I’m opting to do instead is educate myself and change my
thinking about food and its effects. I have already come a long way in my
studies but this is a journey and I do need more information to complete my
“Gail Hypothesis.”
I am currently reading a book called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell PhD.,
a very interesting study of 6500 people in China eating different diets and how
this study tracked the underlying causes of diseases such as cancer, heart
disease, diabetes and more.  I am halfway through the book and I feel
a bit overwhelmed by all the information.  Do you know what the ultimate
culprits were? It was meat and dairy.  The recommendation is to eat a
plant-based diet vs. an animal-based diet.
One of the short-term changes I’ve made is not eating (bread,
rice, pasta) this is not an undertaking I plan to continue permanently but
I do feel these carbs bring on a lethargic, low-energy Gail to light and I much
prefer bubbly and enthusiastic Gail.
I don’t do dairy, mostly due to intolerance to it, soy milk is
what I use in coffee and I avoid the rest of the dairy products, although
sometimes I forget that cheese, butter and yogurt are milk products (dumb blond
moments). I’ve also limited eggs, not drinking soda and I try to avoid junk and
fast food.
The next change however seems to be the hardest…lowering meat
intake. I grew up on a farm and eating meat was a staple of our everyday lives.
So how do I limit the meat I eat? FYI based on the book I listed above-red meat
is not the only danger to your health – all meats are dangerous.  
There is a campaign called Meatless Monday which promotes
one day a week without meat….this makes sense to me, much easier than
completely giving it up. 
What I found is that any lifestyle change I have made (quit sugar
in my coffee and salt on my food) were done by alternating or substituting or
switching things up, not by eliminating quickly which can have adverse effects.
Many factors affect weight loss and healthy living, it’s about
getting a grasp and learning the pros and cons of what we eat. It is almost
like a true relationship in the sense you have to find the right balance; no
settling however compromising and growth are needed for it to survive.
The deprivation we feel comes from thinking we can’t have
something; the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden being the prime example of
what happens when someone thinks they can’t have something…they want it even
There is a myth about thin vs. fat….each side have issues they
face including anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes and more.  It isn’t just
about what’s on the outside, your insides are far more important to keep in
My theory is knowledge is power and by educating myself about
nutrition rather than hoping someone will come along wave a magic wand and make
me healthy and thin is the better option. I am not on a diet…I am done with
that mentality. I choose to follow a different path this time around.
Here is what I am currently doing or plan to be doing to change my
relationship with food:
Step 1) I started taking Align which
is recommended for people with IBS, gas, bloating and other digestive disorders
Step 2) Eliminate bad carbs (pasta, rice, bread)
Step 3) Choose one or two days a week to go meatless
Step 4) Eat more fish, veggies, legumes, fruits.
Step 5) Walk more to alleviate the pain in knees and hips.
Step 6) Learn about coconut flour, almond flour and tofu.
Step 7) Daily intake of Fibre with Fibre
Step 8) Drink lots of water.
On my journey to a better, healthier lifestyle – What I put in my
body is my responsibility and so are the results I achieve. 
Currently I have put back on almost all the weight I lost with
Weight Watchers since last year. Current weight – above where I should
be which is depressing BUT rather than going out and buying a bigger pair
of pants I am forgetting about why I’m up on the scale and forging forward. 
A Star Trek Quote A La Gail – My Mission is: “to explore
strange new foods and to seek out a new healthier life” Live long and
prosper my friends.


  1. Hi Gail, I am with you on the no diet… I am on a cleanse that I am almost finished… here is what I learned, a cleanse is wonderful but cutting everything out forever is not the way. I believe in less meat, I believe in less starch and I totally believe in eating many fruit/vegetables and drinking a lot of water. I have a long way to go but I am not giving up on me. I will more than likely never be thin but I am working on being healthy:)Good luck on your journey:)


  2. I have just discovered your blog and I love it. As for this topic, let me share my experience. I never did diets as I simply love eating. It is probably one of the biggest pleasures I have. I know it sounds lame, but I just enjoy a good meal. Probably it has something to do with growing up during communism when food was scarce. I have no idea. Anyway, at one point, I put on weight and I thought about how to lose it, without keeping a diet. So I simply changed my ways: I gave up fast food and sodas, I only allowed myself sweets 2-3 times a week and I had three regular meals a day, making sure at least lunch is home cooked, plus snacks consisting in fruit, vegetables or cereals. I didn't have time to go to gym back then, but I walked as much as possible. I lost all the extra weight in about an year, pretty much the same amount of time it took me to gain that weight. So I didn't put my body through lots of efforts. This way of eating has become a lifestyle in time. I cook most of my meals from scratch and even if sometimes I indulge myself with more chocolate than necessary or a can of Coke, my body weight doesn't fluctuates much. I am not as slim as people my age should be but I am healthy and feeling comfortable in my skin. It is all that matters.


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