Thank You Extra Pounds

I bought a book called “The Magic” from the same series as “The Secret”.  It is all about being grateful in every shape and form.
Each chapter includes an exercise and one of them was extremely hard to do.
The book suggests looking at something in your life you feel negative about…I chose WEIGHT.  I then had to write ten things I am grateful for about my weight.
WOW! I never would have imagined I could write this list and admittedly at first it was like pulling teeth.
The funny thing is I finally wrote ten things I’m grateful for about my weight and I want to share them with you.  I know I am not the only one that thinks negatively about the reflection of myself in the mirror.
I can assure you this surprised me and as much as I want to lose weight I came to realize that the added pounds on my body were not all surrounded in negativity.
Oh sure the midnight snacks and stress eating were not exactly positive but some of them actually were.
My List of Ten Things I am Grateful for about my Weight:
1 )  My tummy –it was a pillow for both my daughter as a child and grand-daughter now-they loved to fall asleep on.
2 ) The reason I started a wellness event at my workplace and encourage others to take care of their health.  If I didn’t lose the weight in the first place this event would have never been created.
3 )  I was able to display my talents without fear that my sex appeal was responsible for my accomplishments.
4 )  I enjoyed many great dinners, lunches and late night snacks with friends and family.
5 )  It gave me an ability to understand and relate to others who need motivation.
6 )  I met some wonderful people both during weight gain and weight loss who I still call friends today including my personal trainer Christine.
7 ) The weight gave me something to talk about and focus on when stress and life were not so great or unbearable.
8)  I made new friends through Weight Watchers, the gym and even the local stores.
9 )  The weight provided me with a topic of conversation for my blog.
10) It helped me to realize I am more than the pounds that surround me.
After looking at this list I hope you try to do this, as much as I encourage wellness and I am still on the road to weight loss, don’t be obsessed or negative about something that is there possibly due to some great moments in your life or wonderful times still to come.
Since I started working on being grateful, I must say I understand why they call this book Magic.  The positive spin on your life brings the magic.  I recommend this book and I hope with all the negativity that surrounds you, take a moment to add some balance by re-introducing positive energy.
On a side note this morning as I sat on the bus I heard a young girl talking with her Mom.  She said “Mom what you said is illogical and stupid”, the Mom replied “Don’t call me stupid”, the girl went on to say “I didn’t call you stupid, what you said was stupid”.
A prime example of my last post, our interpretation of words is linked to how we view ourselves.


  1. I'm heavier than I've ever been, but not overly concerned about it. I'd like to lose weight, and today I started exercising for the first time since this summer.I've gotten in shape before and the key was always that I didn't become a zealot about it. My reasoning was that if I was doing zero, then more than zero was a win.I will use that philosophy now and if I am a little bit diligent, I should see the pounds come off. Regardless, I won't let it get in the way of being happy.Great post. I hope a lot of people give it a read.


  2. GailThis is a fantastic post. Of strength, hope and love. I can't wait to read this book, Magic.What you've written here, I have to think really hard about, I know it wont let go, know that it's in my head… I don't know if I could have thought of ten positives, and I don't know if I could have made the message so clear…Thank you for sharing this, Gail.


  3. Gail,you just very muched changed my way of thinking girl. seriously. i never looked at my weight in that way. it's just always something i need to get rid of. like now. lol. but this girl, this was awesome. thank you.


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