13 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memories Boys !!

  1. Your writing just gets stronger and stronger and this is a fantastic post. Goodbye promiscuity! Enjoy the deeper connections you find!


  2. Hey Gail! You will appreciate this since we both blogged on self-esteem. One lecture I heard said that the follow-up movie to Pretty Woman (unoffically) was the horror flick Julia did afterwards called Sleeping with the Enemy. Can a prostitute go from a fantasy marriage to domestic abuse? Yes, if her self-esteem hasn’t changed and improved. I had to think about that awhile…


    1. Hi Lara,
      The before and after is always in question but it’s the behavior during that people remember. In my case my self-esteem is actually better than it has ever been. I’ve stopped looking at myself as a naive victim and now that my sordid past is behind me I am comfortable with who I am today. Strong, in touch with my emotions, sexuality and spirituality. Thanks so much for the comment I will make sure to go check out your post as well.


  3. You simply blow me away! This is an incredible post. An invaluable post to someone ready to hear it… we’ll have to make sure it gets no dust on it! You. Are. Magnificent.

    I remember. I look back and I think that I was simply trying to dull all the agony and stay so “busy” …I wouldn’t have any time to think. I remember and I have been called “damaged goods.” Huh. (Last time I checked, everything was still in working order! LOL)

    Keep on keeping on, Gail. You are an inspiration and you ARE making a difference.


  4. I read this from my phone earlier today, I am unable to comment from it though. This post was amazing, honest and open… I have been wanting to do one of these posts myself, I have held back due to not wanting people to judge me. I don’t judge others and I wish more people could understand that we really are not our past… I was raped and demeaned by my ex husband, so when I finally was free, I went a little wild… trying to do whatever I could to feel better about myself. I have come through this, I have grown… basically it makes me more compassionate. Thank you for the amazing post Gail.

    I want to post more on the Google site you set up, I wish there was a way to have it automatically post there, do you know if there is a way?

    Also, I will be having surgery on Thursday and I may not be commenting for a week or so afterwards… I look forward to your next post…


  5. Good for you. I believe that anyone who is trying to grow, is on the right path. If you are happy where you are now, then you’ve chosen wisely. I agree with Amber-Lee (AlaskaChick), it was a fantastic post.

    I stopped dating seven years ago. I just got fed up and since then I’ve been remarkably happy. There is much to do in life and much to enjoy, if one isn’t chasing something they really don’t want anyway.


  6. Hey Gail,

    Now it’s the day you look back and see how confident you are about yourself to claim as a brand new person with a new vision 🙂

    The review about the movie is coming from a different eye 🙂 It’s true that people see things differently according to their experiences.

    I haven’t had much connections with people who has to go through a lot of difficulties. I mean such addictions or so. There were some but they are still spending their lives in the same way they were used to. A change would be not easy but it’s just until you make a habit of it. You need to be honest with yourself.

    I don’t know much about your past life and I don’t care whatever it is. I believe things will really work on you and you are courage enough to take the challenge dear 🙂 Take it and be the inspiration to others too. You will 🙂



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