Time Worthy…Sponge Worthy


On New Year’s Eve my resolution had nothing to do with quitting this or losing that. I resolved to mend my…pardon my French…promiscuous ways.  It’s been a successful six months although I’ve had a few opportunities to revert to the numbing days of not caring.  If you read Gail’s Forum regularly this won’t shock you  in the least.

I’ve met a few guys but I questioned if they were time worthy?

The last gentleman I encountered, although I use the term loosely presented an interesting courting of calling and chatting about another woman and then inviting me for a drive.  Needless to say I didn’t take him up on his offer and instead spent some time home alone, with family and socializing with friends.

Along with changing my sexual habits, I’ve curbed my social calendar and adopted a few healthier practices :))

It all reminded me of Elaine Benes from Seinfeld and the Sponge Worthy episode which you can watch here: 

.  In this episode Elaine finds out that they are discontinuing her preferred method of contraceptive, she stocks up and then evaluates whether a man courting her sexually is sponge worthy, it’s a hilarious episode.


An article in the Metro Toronto newspaper this morning featured an article that similarly spoke about going on a sex diet and referred to a book called The 30-Day Love Detox: Cleanse Yourself of Bad Boys, Cheaters and Men Who Won’t Commit-And Find a Real Relationship.

If anyone is looking to give me a gift I would suggest this book.  It’s a sad reality these days that women are faced with less than appealing options.  I  am personally using this down time from any relationship status to heal, assess, strengthen and network outside my current parameters.

Dr. Wendy Walsh author of the book I listed above promotes the idea that when you meet someone, abstain for 30 days from intimacy.  I don’t think Dr. Walsh lives in my city or she would be hard press to find a guy or girl willing to wait.

Part of the problem is not male-centric, we have evolved into a “instant gratification”  population.  We want all the new gadgets, can’t wait for anything.  It’s not surprising that I find idiots offering me a drive instead of a beautiful dinner date.  He probably figured he could kill two birds with one stone.  Take me out and do me in the back seat.

Now don’t get me wrong relationships are great and sex is awesome but until I find Prince Charming, I’m not planning to waste my precious time or energy on less time-worthy individuals.

Time Worthy…Sponge Worthy in the end they have to be Gail Worthy.


  1. Now its been a LOONG time since I dated. But here in the Seattle area, with mountains, the ocean and Nature all over, a drive was a great first date. Talk, get out take a walk, shoot pictures, tell stories etc… But there was always food somewhere along the way… but maybe I am just old 🙂


  2. Hi Gail… I read this post on my phone earlier in the week… I wanted to tell you how awesome it is that you are respecting yourself. It’s not always easy when we are alone but it is a much better way to live for our hearts… As always you always inspire me 🙂


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