Wrecking Ball


It’s no lie that Miley Cyrus is causing a lot of hoopla especially with teen girls who are so impressionable and ready to model the next hot celebrity.

I remember those days even if they are in my distant past.

I had the puffy hair, I wore red/black leopard pants.  My hair went from long to short bleach blond overnight and even black at one point.

In my teen years I was called thunder thighs, by today’s context I would look like a goddess (32-24-38).  I was self-conscious of my small breasts and apple-shaped bottom.  I wore loose shirts and uber super tight Levi’s jeans.


The jeans were so tight I used to lay on my bed, grab a metal hanger and hook it to the zipper to zip them up and then I would waddle around for a few minutes in my bedroom before heading out the door.  It was the fashion trend at the time.

If a man wanted to get in those jeans he needed to be equipped with tools, nonetheless I flaunted a curvy body that not everyone appreciated.  In fact by wearing these uber super tight jeans I was called a slut.

Today I would be considered a virgin compared to the outfits some of the young girls are wearing.

Pushing the limits is nothing new, some of us did it and lived to talk about it.  We didn’t know any better and neither does Miley.

Miley has a boyish body, she has not developed a curvy defined look.  She seems intrigued by black women in fact her twerking is a sure sign that she wishes to embrace that culture and possibly have a bigger booty.

Unfortunately her struggles with identifying with her sexuality and accepting her body are done in front of a camera.

Many are calling this a “sexualization of children“.  Come on, it is called low self-esteem and as a woman I know her need to show everything off is inspired by a strong desire for approval, especially from men.

She wants to shed the little girl she was and be the woman that she now is.  Sadly her song wrecking ball is appropriately titled for her current shedding.

It’s very symbolic of a snake shedding it’s skin or a lobster shedding his shell.  We as human beings also go through shedding especially women and since we can’t leave our bodies we do it through clothing, hairstyles, piercings, tattoos and makeup.

The sexualization of children  happens when a three, five or eight year old is allowed to walk around with short shorts and low cut halter tops.  In my view this is totally inappropriate.

I  held a strong grasp on my daughter’s attire, I threw out many halter tops and had many screaming matches about appropriate clothing as she now does with my grand-daughter.

There is a huge difference between a child, a teenager and a young adult.

Self-esteem, loving parents and a strong grasp on life is what is important and please remember that by calling someone like Miley a slut or tramp you are inadvertently calling your child the same.  They will remember your perception of Miley and will feel like a slut or tramp if they dabble in wearing clothing similar to hers.

I was told I looked like a slut for my choice of clothing, compared to the clothing I see today I should have been called a saint.


  1. She certainly is getting a lot of attention, and mostly for the way she dresses.

    I think we all go through that to different degrees. Every generation seems to think the younger one is just pushing it too far.

    But these things seem to come and go and everybody survives!


  2. I think Miley’s trying to break out of her Disney kid image the way Brittany did. Unfortunately if’s coming of a little slutty and not sexy, which I’m sure is what she’s aiming for. I wish she’d take a page from Selena Gomez play book. She’s going through the same transition but doing a better of it. But if all Miley wants is attention…then she got it.


  3. I have to agree with you, although she shocks me with some of the things she does I understand she is going through this in the lime light. I think it is so tough to be young period and then having to grow up with everyone watching… well that would be downright hell…

    I just told my youngest daughter that being a teenager is hard, I get it… I am not always appreciative of her comments and what not but I do get how hard it is… then I laughed and said being an adult is not that easy either… I made plenty of mistakes along the way, I sure wouldn’t want anyone judging me on all of them… 🙂


  4. I know nothing about this Miley girl, but I seem to be coming across a lot of information about her recently.
    If it’s a publicity stunt on her part then she’s doing very well.
    If it’s a crisis and a cry for help, then she’s heading for a crash and many people are being entertained by it all.
    Could it be a case of too much too young, then maybe we should learn from it. When you’re in the public eye, everything is on show. But then again, there are a few celebrities who have managed to keep much of their private life ‘private’.


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