Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

You have to go back to go forward… Take two steps forward, one step back.


In April 2011 I wrote my first post for Gailsforum called Week 1 Re-Inventing and as we get closer to ending 2013, I though it would be interesting to go back two years and assess the progress and/or changes made since writing this post.

The first post was a synopsis of where I was and where I hoped I would be.  A line I wrote was “I have short-changed myself into believing certain things about who I am and not risking to be who I really want to be”.

The reality is that I am more ME today than ever, slowly but surely I’ve dealt with the conceptions, perceptions, history, judgements, fallacies and ideals from myself and others who by the way don’t play a big part in my daily life any more.

I don’t believe I was a mistake or flawed in fact I am walking the path to my journey and the blank canvass that was there is filling up nicely with a colourful array of lines and shapes representing the ups and downs from the past and the curvy vivacious woman I’ve become.

In that first post I vowed to open up my social calendar and accept invitations to new things, new adventures and meeting new people.  I have done that and it has paid off in many ways, it’s been a blast!!!

I also spoke of being creative and versatile and that I still had a few bad habits on the table.  Sadly they are still there but not for long.  I am getting ready to hit the pavement running in the new year, literally and figuratively.

Health is my number #1 priority at the very top of my new to-do list for 2014.

I’ve used a slew of excuses not to quit smoking, not to curb the occasional drinking and not to stop overeating and all I’m going to say is enough is enough.

I’m mad now, mad enough to give these up once and for all.  I am spending the Christmas holiday de-cluttering my home, organizing my priorities and planning financially, socially and physically to fill up my days with healthy food and exercises choices.

I will be starting the New Year with a bang.  It’s time for me to stop over-analyzing and to actually “Just do it”.

I spent the last 2 years trying to figure out why?, why I’ve gained back the weight?  why I have pain in my knees? why I’m allergic to chicken? why I have no energy? why I don’t feel like going to the gym?

It’s not getting me anywhere to over-think why?.  I haven’t lost any weight and I feel old and tired.

It’s time to raise up my knickers and tackle not think.

I will never be perfect, I don’t want to be perfect but I was reminded recently that I’m still young and I don’t want to feel old and unable to run and play.

I wish each and everyone a fabulous holiday season and in the New Year I wish you all health and prosperity.

I will continue to write about my journey and I hope together we get motivated to live life to the fullest.

Happy Holidays

A Time for Sharing


  1. Happy Holidays Gail, I loved when I took my life back… 70 pounds gone… I just did it. I have become a bit lazy this month but I am going back to the gym in January, no excuses… I can’t wait to get back on track again… I know you will do great, looking forward to your journey 🙂


  2. You go you knicker raiser you!

    Seriously, nice work Gail! Like you said, it’s a process, you’ve improved on many things and are in a much better place, now time to work on the next steps! Great work and great plan!


  3. Sometimes we have to get to the point of ‘enough is enough’ before we drag ourselves off the floor and start doing things with our lives. If we don’t look after our health, no one is going to do it for us and we are the only ones who may suffer because of it.

    I wishing you a very successful New Year with good health and a brighter future. Enjoy the festive season Gail.


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