CBC – You Had Me at Hello!

The funniest thing in life is when you are waiting to meet a great partner and you have a checklist  of all the things you hope your partner possesses.  While cleaning out some boxes in my bedroom yesterday I found such a list which contains some of my “must haves”.

Below are the points that are on it – Oh! I’m not demanding at all, actually maybe I am, there a quite a few things on this list LOL

What I want in a partner:

  • Honesty and Open Mindedness
  • A Great Sense of Humour
  • Energetic and Ambitious
  • Romantic
  • Available
  • Good Looking
  • Great Teeth (I really have a pet peeve about this one)
  • Sexy
  • Faithful
  • Charismatic
  • Smiley Eyes
  • Clean Cut
  • Dresses Nice
  • Shares my Views
  • Humanitarian
  • Believes in God
  • Family Oriented
  • Wants Commitment
  • Understanding
  • Soulful

Finding the right company to work with is similar to finding the right partner, the list of “must haves” is also quite in sync.   At times the immediate motivation can be money or job security but after ten years  or in my case thirteen years with the same company I believe you suffer from “Work Marriage”.  I am not wrong about this, I’ve heard many folks I work with refer to each other as “Work Spouses”.

Thirteen years ago after a few bad breakups with some not so fitting companies  I finally found the one that fits me perfectly.

I grew up watching #CBC – Canada’s Public Broadcaster.  It wasn’t the day-to-day job itself that made me fall head over heels for the #CBC it was the integrity and absolute desire of everyone from the President all the way down to the worker bee to impact Canadians. CBC – You Had Me at Hello!


#CBC was the whole package for me and I was like a school girl having her first crush (tee hee).   It was so exhilarating to walk in to work everyday with  flutters in my tummy from nervously wanting to be the very best employee, eager to please, ready to go and completely in awe of those around me and after so many years I still feel the same way.

The spark is still alive, although recently the stress of looming job cuts and ultimately friends walking out the door. I don’t feel safe in this “Work Marriage”

In thirteen years I’ve been blessed to have met so many amazing people who feel just like me, smiling as we pass each other in the hall or catch up on the elevator ride.  Each one holds a special place in my heart.

In 2011 I won the President’s award for employee engagement but the plaque and the ceremony pale in comparison to the people I’ve grown to cherish and got to meet while coordinating an employee wellness fair for five years.  From top to bottom, there isn’t one person I’ve met that isn’t with me everyday.

Some of those folks have now left, little by little we are being downsized and I feel so heartbroken about it.  I wish we could have a memorial page for the incredibly talented people that graced the halls of CBC over the years.  I am not just talking about those who worked directly on programs, I’m talking about all the CBC employees who are no longer with us.

As I watched #KIDSCBC with my grand-daughter this morning – a fabulous video came on in honour of the #Worldcup featuring #KRNFX I got emotional, I’m dreading the looming breakup with my dream employer.

I read the news stories in the papers and online and I disgustingly read the comment sections filled with hatred and it hurts, this place has been so good to me.  Maybe I’m in denial like the person who whilst in the middle of a relationship is blinded to its true status.    I can’t say I haven’t had my moments… there are times I just want to walk away but I can’t, #CBC is so much more than a job to me.

-It  is a Cultural Icon that should be properly funded by the government and preserved as the Heartbeat of Canada.    My uncle Lucky played the fiddle on the #TommyHunter Show, I took my mother to see Anne Murray’s Christmas Special, I wrote a letter to the #FriendlyGiant and he wrote me back!!!, #MrDressup sparked my imagination.  I celebrated #TheOlympics and #HockeyPlayoffs and cheered with fellow Canadians as our athletes shined.


Years ago I even suggested a program idea – #CANADASHINES a program about Canadians and their amazing success at home and abroad.  Didn’t hear back but I still think it would be a great program.

As a single mom who came to Toronto for a better life and struggled to find her way I can’t imagine being with anyone else.  This is where I truly found myself, rekindled my passion for writing and strengthened my patriotism.

We are being dismantled like a piece of furniture and  as I watch friends walk out the door I can’t sit by without saying a word…I cringe to believe that Canadians don’t feel the same way.

The department assistants who tirelessly make everything seamless as they  support their teams to get the shows to air, the audience relations’ operator who listens to a senior day after day with patience as he talks about the good old days and fends off loneliness…This is #CBC.

The journalist who wants to tell the story  just right, the camera operator trying to get just the right angle.  The librarian preserving historic memories….This is #CBC

The people who work behind the scene everyday , they are the heartbeat and what CBC is and always will be.  Why are these people including me so important? It is because they want to tell the stories that matter to Canada.  Take the time to call or write a letter to your MP if you live in Canada and if you don’t live in Canada write to the CBC and show your support.  You can also check out the website http://www.cbc.ca

Until I get the papers that the divorce is final I continue to enthusiastically believe in my dream employer #CBC.


  1. I was laid off from my companty I grew up with for almost 20 years, 3 years later I came back! you just never know.

    PS We love CBC coveage of the Olympics SO much more than our networks!!!


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