Only Thin People Have Self-Esteem

One day without being asked a guy I barely knew decided to educate me on self-esteem.  I get this quite a bit and I sometimes wonder if they are sent my way to derail my progress.

I must say in recent weeks I am getting the Gail Groove back and I feel fantastic.  There is a bounce in my step once again, a smile on my face and love in my heart.

Back to the story;

He proceeded to tell me that only thin people have self-esteem and I was wasting my time if I thought I ever would get it.

Yeah! he wasn’t a really nice guy, I’ve met quite a few guys like this over the years.   I’ve come to learn they are miserable and rather than feel their own pain they have nothing better to do than to spew their pain onto others.

His comment baffled me  but now I know his tidbit of information more than likely matched the diameters of his brain circumference lol.

Self-esteem is a disposition that a person has which represents their judgements of their own worthiness.

Recently, on my quest for knowledge about relationships and love, I started to ask some of my male friends; What do you find is most appealing about a woman?

Do you know what the #1 answer was:


Self-Confidence which is a belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.

smile41-376x500 (1)

Okay now here’s where it gets really tricky, make sure you read this carefully;

Self esteem is judging yourself and self-confidence is believing in yourself.

There is no judgement or belief from others in this equation, it comes from you.

So if like me you have a weight problem and you judge yourself, you won’t be confident.  Except that I don’t have a weight problem, I love food and don’t want to spend hours in a gym.  If I lived in Italy or Jamaica I would be considered a celebrity :))

My mind is absolutely blown by this…I’m always getting told I have confidence, I guess the only person who didn’t believe it was me.

I promised to post a current full body picture of myself for comparison in the future and here it is.  The only thing that stands out to me when I look at myself in this shot is the huge smile on my face and a few crooked toes LOL.


So with self-esteem and self-confidence I am steering towards a healthy image of myself based on the judgement and belief in myself.

It reminds me of a funny saying from New Brunswick….”those who love me love me well and those who don’t can go to hell”… well I would never wish for anyone to go to hell but they can go somewhere else.

Oh Crap I’m Naked!!! no I have my smile on :))

I have 99 Problems…but YOU won’t be one.




  1. First off I believe it is perfectly ok to punch jerks like that. Second, LOVE the explanation of confidence and esteem, never heard that before and it’s perfect. And a gorgeous smile woman!! Love the hair too!


  2. That guy that said that is crazy Gail… I have see beautiful thin people who have no self confidence and I have seen overweight women who oozed confidence… Weight does not define us… I’m still a big girl but I have massive confidence…

    I’m still working on me for me… no one else ♡


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