Small Steps Lead to a Big Leap of Faith

I’m so excited about life right now! I feel energized and ready to conquer the world :))

First off I want to start with an exciting update:

So Below is the Health/Emotional/Financial Status I shared with you in 12 Days ago with an update as of today

Jan 1 – 2015 Jan 12- 2015
Health Status Health Status
weight 228.5  weight 223.0
exercise (none) exercise (stretch/dance every day) (walking on the weekend)
stamina low stamina moderate
libido is powered off libido powered back on
 Emotional Status  Emotional Status
many issues resolved figuring out my lovemap and how to fix it, working on finding interests, spending quality time with family.
figuring out how to quit smoking figuring out how to quit smoking
letting go and letting God letting go and letting God
still hoping to find love again someday still hoping to find love again someday
strengthening my resistance strengthening my resistance
Financial Status Financial Status
too many credit cards too many credit cards
living pay-check to pay-check Following a budget, focused on savings.
guilt spending keeping myself in check, putting stuff back when I’ve gone over budget.
guilt giving working at not guilt giving but rather helping in other ways.

As you can see some progress is being made and those are the small steps, 5 lbs lost in 12 days is a good accomplishment for sure but it isn’t what I am most proud of.  I am proud of myself for making a choice to improve my overall health no matter how much or how little weight I lose.

On the health front, I have changed the food I eat and the way I eat, I’m bringing my lunch to work, drinking more water and I’ve given up heavy carbs, beer and sweets.  In a future post I will go into more detail about what I eat/drink on a daily basis but for now I will leave it at that.

On the emotional front, I am currently reading “How to keep from pushing men away” by Dina Z. Colada.  At some point I have to be honest with myself and really say out loud – I have absolutely no idea how to be in a great relationship or for that matter how to be when I’m not in a relationship.

It is time to fess up on the truth.  I sabotage things, I rebel against things and I feel I don’t deserve things.  These are the messages/truths that need to change.  A good friend of mine recently put it to me in a way that I can understand:  I need to be a role model and I can’t be a role model if I’m behaving like a spoiled teenager.

That’s what it is all about right now, finding me, fixing me and representing me.

I’m reading up on Feng Shui -colours/tips and I found out I am the FIRE Element – best colour representation through Red, Magenta, Purple, Green and Brown.

I think this is a good time to look at what I have in my home and focus on the colours that work at bring love, peace and success to all aspects of my life.

On a last note, I am getting wonderful relationship advice from a seemingly unlikely source – my daughter.  As they say in life at times you are the teacher and at times you are the student.  When I look at friends and family – she is the one who models a healthy relationship in my eyes.  She has worked hard along with her partner to grow emotionally.

It is also a lot of fun to see how great she feels about giving me advice for a change.  I know in the past ten years I certainly didn’t model the best “personal choices” but let’s face it…I can’t do a damn thing about what I’ve done.

Today I choose to take a Big Leap of Faith and change the things I can.

If anyone is looking at what to buy me for my birthday, I need a superman shirt.  Believe or not – I was a huge fan of #BarbraStreisand growing up, in fact I spent many days and nights learning all the songs from her #Superman album.  I loved her spirit and sheer disregard for what others thought of her.  I always hoped I would be more like her including having a t-shirt like the one she wore on the album.  I don’t want the shorts but the socks would be great too :))  Best song was my heart belongs to me…  Barbra helped me through many difficult times and she was truly an inspiration.


  1. YAY Gail… this is awesome, I know you can do it… just keep at it… 🙂

    I have been exercising every day… except for one… due to a snow storm. It has been close to three weeks and I have been eating really good… I still need to work on the emotional part which I am slowly doing. I might have to get a copy of that book. I do think I deserve a really good, happy and healthy relationship … so do you xox

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