Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful but don’t be someone else – just be YOU.

Apparently I have to go after what I want so if I grab you by the shirt collar and say you are coming with me!! I better not hear any objections.

Dear Lord I think I was reading about being a Dominatrix instead of just being confident oh well maybe a career change is in the cards hahahaha now sit!

That is what I wrote on Facebook a few days ago and it helped me to rekindle with a long lost friend of mine…My Sexiness.  You see when I stopped getting dolled up and going out every weekend I didn’t just stop the outing, I stopped everything that came with it.

I’ve missed that girl who shows a bit of cleavage even with wrinkles, short skirts and high heel boots.  I miss getting ready for a night out and I miss the frilly under garments (sorry if I’m being a bit too descriptive).  

What I know is that I need to bring that girl back, I’ve already started to channel her.  You see sexiness is not about your partner it is about you.  Get on a pair of high heels and dance in your underwear in front of a mirror. 

 It’s amazing what feeling sexy does not just for your self-esteem.  It brings out a youthful, playful side of yourself who can throw caution to the wind.   A nice pair of stockings, some red lipstick, gorgeous manicured nails, hair blowing in the wind and a sweet perfume…that’s what I’m talking about.

Channeling a dominatrix is about confidence, “say my name bitch” is not just a line from #americanpie it is a powerful whisper under your breath when you see a handsome guy walking by and eye contact that has a wicked spark behind it is sinfully creating a vibrancy and confidence.

I really needed to find this again, especially as I work on the physical (I’m now down 10lbs), the emotional (I’m reading about confidence, working through pain and how to understand men, now the last one was a hilarious article.   Here is an article I read, laughed a bit but I did learn from it.

Yes I need to grow up but I will do that on my terms, when it comes to relationships especially dating I am a newbie at the game of love.  The past is the past and this is the beginning of a new Gaily on the Block.

I am simply at my best when I can wear my sexiness in public rather than keeping it locked in my bedroom.  Don’t worry it will be contained.  I can just hear two of my co-workers gasping as they read this.

I don’t want to spend another year working, coming home and zoning out in front of the TV, I want to live life to the fullest, have fun and yes put on a pair of high heels and sexy lacy undies and sing my heart out in front of a mirror in my bedroom.  The sexiness is about me, for me and damn I will say it I am a sexy bitch.

This picture was taken in August 2013, I love the way I look and the confidence I exude…this is where I want to be again without it being about a weekend outing.  I want to feel sexy, confident and beautiful every single day and who knows maybe I can channel some of my anger more creatively lol.


This article is all about feeling sexy in your skin


  1. Gail, I’m all about being a little sexy… I don’t want to be frumpy like other women I know… there’s nothing wrong with knowing and feeling sexy… keep at it and congratulations on losing 10 pounds… awesome ♡

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