4 thoughts on “I got the Lead!

  1. Hopefully you change this year! I have been reading your blog for long time now and never any improvement. It is like broken record.

    Finding man not hart for women. Keeping man is.


    1. Hi Sasha I appreciate your comment but honestly if you are reading to judge my progress I think you might be the one who needs to change. As for finding a man and keeping a man I strongly believe that will happen when I am ready. Thanks for taking the time to express your opinion and best wishes.


  2. Gail, I have always admired your tenacity and even more so this year… I think you and I are on the same path… I just wrote about loving myself because I fought so hard to become her. Changing is never easy but once we do, we see things in a different light… I think we both saw the light…

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