I Fail to Succeed

I once read that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

To the naked eye it might seem that is exactly what I’m doing right now,  after all since the inception of this blog I’ve been talking about the changes I need to make in my life.

So what has changed?  Frankly ME, although it might seem that I keep coming back to the same thing again and again, with each post I get closer to where I want to be.

CHANGE is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, you will fail many times along the way and try and try again. This is why when it comes to addiction many are not successful on their first attempt but with each failed attempt they gain clarity and they get closer to their goal.  You see you can’t measure success without failure.  BOOM! I bet you didn’t see that one coming!!!

Very few people can accomplish a goal on their first try, just ask any athlete currently preparing for the #Toronto2015 PAN AM Games.  They  stumbled, they fell down and I’m sure they have bruises to show for it.  When they get the #Gold, #Silver or #Bronze, its because they saw failure for what it is, a measure of success.

Change is in your power and while others sit in judgement about your progress or lack of it, you are mentally, physically and spiritually aligning yourself to make the change.

I publicly put my thoughts out there every week in hopes that you realize its not a straight road.

When it comes to weightloss I want to give props to all those who have managed to lose weight whether its 1 or 100lbs it isn’t easy.

Many attempts are made, the desire can be there and even the determination but the truth is that the stars need to be aligned for it to work for you and instead of beating yourself up for the last failed attempt, use that failure to fuel your upcoming success.

It’s working for me and I’m not looking back, if it takes a long time, if the weight fluctuates up and down the scale or if at times the numbers don’t move it won’t set me back on the destructive path of overeating again and if by chance it does, it will be another failure propelling me closer to success.

You have to be ready for the negative comments, the sabotages, the unforseen circumstances and the possibility of failure all waiting on the sidelines to derail your progress.

It takes more than motivation and determination to make changes…it takes courage, heart and conviction.

I wrote in my previous post that I got the lead in the production of “Gail” I am no longer an understudy in this story.

The measure of my success is what I make of it.  I own my failures and I will own my success too :)))