OMG Ha Ha Ha!


Do you know what is funny?  Everything.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough laughter these days so I thought I would share with you a few “moments” that might get you chuckling. Wi Fi bird

The first is about my dog Tiger, pets are the most amazing creation.  They make you laugh, cry and they are always taking the fall for bad behaviour perpetrated by their owners.  It was late one night and I had just gone to bed.  The lights were still on and lo and behold a crackling sound emanated from under the covers.  As I watched Tiger lift his head to see where the sound came from and then proceeded to take the blame by spinning around smelling the area under his tail I was thrown into a fit of laughter.  I called my sister barely able to get the words out and when I finally did we exploded into a belly hurting laugh.  From that day on I knew the extent of Tiger’s loyalty :))


The second came more recently, my cousin Jennifer had found pictures of various relatives and posted them on Facebook.  One of the pictures was of my sister when she was young.  At first glance what do you notice about the picture below? Now you know I love big glasses but this is beyond big.  Again we couldn’t stop laughing, this time it was my sister who could barely get the words out.  You know that high pitch sound that comes when you can’t stop laughing?  She got it to the point where it was close to breaking windows.


The third moment came at work.  I was so fortunate to work with a great group of people on an employee wellness fair.  On the days leading up to the event we gathered swag to give away from various departments.  We received a few boxes full of banana holders.  Not that funny you think right!

It looked like this –Products964-800x800-220097

but ….the banana case was black not yellow.  One of my co-worker’s Duane and I opened the box and could not stop laughing.  OMG! how could we give these things away when we so prudishly compared it to male genitalia.  Guess what?  they sold out.  We were completely blown away figuratively of course by how popular these banana cases were.  To this day Duane and I plot to send one of these to an unsuspected female without explanation…evil world domination hahahaha


Life is so short.  The only thing I want to share with you today is please find something to make you laugh.  Call a friend and share an embarrassing moment.  Talk to someone in gibberish or send them a joke.


Make today a great day by sharing a laugh, it transcends all barriers and you just might help someone focus on something other than the cold, financial pressures, fear of job loss or illness.

I will leave you with this moment with my daughter that we cherish to this day.  We sat outside at my workplace and we were discussing issues about motherhood.  She talked about a situation that happened to one of her friend’s as a single parent, then she turned to me and asked me what I thought… I said “I don’t know Fallon, I’m not a Mom”…hmmmm I just told my daughter I’m not a mom. She looked at me and said “Mom, Mom you are such an idiot of course you are a Mom” well you can imagine with rolled over with laughter, tears streaming down both our eyes as we collectively took in what just happened.  This was by far the best Blond Moment I had.

I hope you have a laugh-filled day :))



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