7 thoughts on “To Quit or Not to Quit

  1. Kick boxing, though I have never done it, seems impact intensive and you are smart to assess yourself after trying something new. No matter what you do you will be sore the first few times (Like me in spin class) but with fibro you have to be more careful, and you are!

    GREAT job going for a walk instead of reaching for a smoke or a snack! Damn proud of you! As well as the 45 days! You are one tough lady my friend!

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      1. And I have NO rhythm! Lack of such is no big deal on a real bike, but on a spin bike it is NOT good 🙂

        and you are very welcome. Lady you have earned all the praise. No matter what I do, it doesnt scratch quitting smoking

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  2. Gail, I have found the best thing for me is walking and swimming… some dancing is great too… I find high impact things are difficult to recover from… I don’t want so much pain that I won’t go back to the exercise. xox You are smart to do what you can handle… and right now this has to be about us so that we can get our health back xox

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