I’m Having A Really Good Hair Day!!!

Today, for the first time in a while I blow-dried and straightened my hair without feeling pain in my neck, one of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

I am having a really good hair day  and not experiencing neck pain which is awesome!!!!

One of the reasons for constantly tying my hair recently, especially for work is the pain.

I’m on the 4th session of the Nucca Treatment and I do believe it is working, I will keep you posted on the developments as I continue with this.

Over the summer I have a plan, not an evil plan though so no worries :))  It’s a plan to physically transform myself into a healthy woman, as you know I have already ramped this up by quitting smoking and now I am all about fixing me – yes I am superficial, I want to look great.  I don’t want the wrinkles, the fat or any other thing to stand in my way.

I was falling apart at the seams not even 6 months ago – I was struggling to get off the couch and move, I felt old and tired.  Now I’m all about focusing on things that bring me joy and right now it is about my looks.

I can feel the bounce in my step coming back and I love it, with each thing I do to improve my appearance.

For the month of May, the priority is teeth – whitening as a reward for not smoking, cleaning and upkeep.  I’ll be all smiles by June :))


  1. Gail, I think it’s awesome to do something for yourself.♡ Kudos fof not smoking still, that is hard, over 4 months for me… I can’t wait to say a year, then more 😉 xox

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