Off With Her Head!!!

In my other life I often  volunteer my time as career/motivational consultant. I truly value the opportunities to work with others.  I review and offer help with resumes, cover letters, interview skills, personal branding and most importantly – motivation.


Many employees today from all industries feel they have to do whatever they are told to do for fear of losing their job (Micro Management).  If that sounds familiar you are certainly not alone in feeling this way.

We are in the Electronic Age and steering through methods of delivering services and products to customers in a brand new way.   The Electronic Age is all about Imagination and Play.

The Millennial Generation, a fast pace, electronically led up and coming workforce that struggles to adapt to demand but it does not have to be this way.

You hear things like new strategies, new roles, things are going to be different and as things are created some heads do roll.

All of a sudden you can hear the guillotine resetting (the guillotine was actually built as a more human form of execution) and its getting ready to fall on you – off with your head – or so you think?


You are stuck, scared to lose your job and frantically trying to please everyone while depleting what actually makes you a great worker in the first place!!!

Did that all sound exhausting?  It is, and that is what you are projecting when you believe this hype.

Here is the truth I choose to believe… – you are amazing and the energy/charisma/twinkle in your eye is fading fast if you chose to live under this burden you create solely in your mind.

They need you more than you need them, tell yourself that until you believe it again.

It doesn’t matter that 100 more people with your skills are ready to take your place – the fact is you got the job, you are in the job and now you have an opportunity to shine instead of cowering in the sidelines – what can you do to improve processes?  look beyond your role.

My father was always a master at showing me how unique I was, he would say what’s your name – My name is Gail I would answer, yes you are Gail and there is no other Gail like you. You are one of a kind as he listed off what made me special.  To this day no matter where I am or what I’m doing when I feel my confidence fading I say “I’m Gail, I’m Gail and no one else is me or can be me”

I never lived by the confines of my role no matter what it was.  As a single parent on social assistance I could have chosen to feel embarrassed and to feel lower on the income scale but instead I chose to act as if I was already at the top, this is what I projected when I went for a job and subsequently got the job and exceeded the job.

My first boss @IanChamandy who recently penned a book along with his business partner @KenAber – Why Should I Choose You?, once said to me that nothing is too big or too small when it comes to getting the job done.  Whether it is presenting at a shareholder meeting or washing coffee cups, each task is as important.  In the end it is about getting the job done.

In everything I do, including writing this Blog, my goal is always to shine and to help others to find the light within themselves so they can shine.

What happens when you feel the opportunities don’t exist or that your boss or your co-workers are trying to steal your thunder?  Create the opportunities.

Einstein-Three-Rules-of-WorkYou can chose to be that person at your desk hoping the axman passes you by and for that moment in time you are spared the guillotine for one more day or you can chose to laugh in the face of danger and go after what you really want.  As a French woman – I chose to laugh in the face of danger!!!

They need you more than you need them –  Why?  Answer that question for yourself and you will shine once again.


  1. Gail, I totally agree… I lived on assistance toi but I chose to never act like I lived there… I bettered myself and worked hard. I decided long ago to love interviews and take it as an opportunity to sell myself… then show up and prove they hired the right person. I love that motto how they need us more than we need them…. I like your whole positive attitude xox ♡

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