I can hear the red pants calling my name….

All hell is breaking loose this week.  I have tried to lose weight in the last few months by increasing the amount of exercise and decreasing my food intake but sadly I wasn’t doing it right and with no or very small results for trying.

There is a bit of a science to all of this and it isn’t always easy to see what is going on or as the saying goes you see the forest for the trees but not each individual tree itself.

So this week I am looking at each individual tree so to speak.  I’m scrutinizing the food I’m choosing not just the portions.  I’ve adjusted to eating snacks in between and I have changed the food I’m eating – I will update you later on this.

I’m exercising every day instead of sporadically working out for long periods only a few days a week.

I am monitoring and adjusting my sleep habits.

I’ve put love and everything else on the back burner.  Right now I’m a woman determined to succeed and lose weight.

I was reminded this weekend that I need to make health a priority in my life.  It isn’t about vanity but rather about quality of life.

I used to run, I loved it as a teenager, I had a snug pair of red #Adidas pants with the white line on the side that fit me like a glove and I loved running in them.

I want to run again, yeah I want to wear the red pants again and hopefully still have a reasonable looking booty to go in it.  This is my goal right now – to run again.


So it’s on!!! I’m pumped and heading for Cardio Kick Boxing tonight, come hell or high water there will be some progress and of course I will keep you posted.

I can hear the red pants calling my name….


  1. Gail I agree it’s better to work out daily as it gets our metabolism going each day. I can’t run for long peroids but I love sprinting and jogging… I wish you lots and lots of success… This is our time, we can do it girl ♡

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  2. Just remember to listen to your body and take a day off if needed. Also, keep a work out calendar, a paper one in a prominent part of the wall. Each day you work out write down what it was and how long. If you take TOO many days the calendar will call you out!

    and when you get those pants on, I am betting the booty is already much better than ‘reasonable! ‘

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