The Gail Analysis

LOL like I don’t analyze myself enough already!!!  but this analysis will hopefully open your eyes to a real truth when it comes to following the masses on a roller coaster ride of yo-yo diets.

This quote spoke to me this week “If you’re tired of starting over, Stop giving up”


I had a conversation last week with someone at work.  I was telling them about all the advice (wanted & unwanted) that I am getting about losing weight and absolutely none of it is working.

The response that came back was honestly unexpected.  “Have you ever read your instructor manual?”  Wow!  that just blew my mind, I was not prepared to hear this.

After going in depth with this what I realized is that I am looking for answers in the wrong places.  We are all different and I can’t expect that what works for you will work for me.  I’m externalizing instead of internalizing what I need to do to lose weight.

So I started to do a Gail Analysis by first looking at my background.  I grew up in Quebec and my cultural roots are French, Scottish and Mi’kmaq.

One common thread for these is fat was always added to the food.

Natural Fats such as Lard, Butter and Creams were a big part of these diets and for some like in France it still is to this day.

The other common thread is Fish including Cod, Salmon, Shellfish.

Food has lost its overall taste, is that just me or what!!!  The French, along with the Italians and the Swiss, are considered among the slimmest people in Europe on average.38.5% of men and 26% of women in France are considered overweight.

In comparison 62.0% of men and 45.1% of women are overweight in Canada.

The problem is not the food we are eating but rather the lack of satisfaction and satiation we are getting from the food we are eating, which is why we keep eating more and more.

Don’t kid yourself, to make the food low-fat or no fat they are taking out the taste.

The next thing I looked at in the Gail Analysis was my body shape.  I always figured I was a apple or hourglass shape but after finding a great tool I was surprised to find out that I am a Banana/Ruler/Straight/Rectangle shape who gained weight, most people with this body shape don’t but I was the anomaly.

If you want to find out your shape try this – Body Shape Calculator

Okay so the best food for my body shape are foods which are high in Protein, foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, tuna and beans are perfect for catalysing the addition of muscle.  The addition of complex Carbohydrates such as bananas and brown rice is also important as this will assist with energy levels for both everyday living and for cardiovascular exercise. Research suggests that those with a rectangle body type are said to lack energy and become fatigued easily. The addition of complex carbohydrates should help eliminate this issue and provide additional energy for exercising.

Here you can check out the right food & exercise for your body shape 

So now that I looked at my heritage and body shape I can start building a diet that works for me and not the guy next door or my ex who lost 55lbs.

Natural Fats, Fish, High Proteins & Complex Carbohydrates should dominate my diet.

I am reading the instructor manual and I am realizing that the many shortcuts I have taken over the years with weight loss have caused a tremendous amount of damage to my digestive system and my girlish figure.

I plan to start things off with an overnight cleanse and then start looking through some cookbooks to a) first renew my love of food and cooking, b) to work on building a menu/food plan that works for me.

I leave you with this cartoon:



  1. This was interesting Gail…I’m pear shaped since my shoulders are so small… I lost most of my weight frim walking and eating healthy.

    I just wanted to tell you, I’ve met someone and he’s really sweet… I’m hopeful but I’m also okay alone… I want some who will be good to me… which he seems to be ♡

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