It’s Official I am Finally Ready

It’s official I am finally ready, ready for what you might ask?  I am ready to take some risks and truly put an effort into meeting someone.

I took a quick “Are you ready for a relationship test” and here is what it said:

You are definitely ready for a relationship. Sometimes you get fed up with being single, but most of the time you know how to keep things in perspective and you cope. You’re not leaving it all down to fate, and you have always got an eye out for the attractive person who‘s just walked into the room, but you probably need to take a few more risks: ask someone out, chat someone up and take it from there. You are ready to let someone new into your life, but not just anyone. You would prefer to wait for the right person rather than compromise and end up with someone you’re not compatible with. This is your strong point. You are comfortable in your own skin, you have taken time to think about what you want, and you’ll be more relaxed in a relationship as a result. You are also optimistic, and you know that a great relationship is just around the corner. This shows that you also know how to let go and get on with having a good time. Such an approach should lead to love blossoming as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Now it is all about harnessing my confidence and not making excuses or avoiding situations where I could meet someone.  I am practising some self-talk.  Friday night I went out, dressed up and looked in the mirror and said: “you’ve got this”, “you look amazing”, “you are super hot”  the beauty of it is I can say anything to myself and no one is there to debate it LOL.

I ended up meeting a guy but not someone I want to date.

Sunday I saw a really nice looking guy in line at Tim Horton’s and when he went outside my daughter and grand-daughter said “go! go”, so I went outside and started a conversation, didn’t go anywhere but honestly this is the most adventurous I have been in years.

This week I’m wearing tighter fitting clothes and colours and I’m working it LOL.

I am writing notes to myself, focusing on my assets and not the imaginary defects I tend to create.

I had a lot of issues in the past to deal with before feeling I could give to a relationship.

There is a huge difference between being available physically compared to being available emotionally. Hey! a girl’s got needs but the head space thing that is a whole other story.

Now I’ve done the work, let go of what I needed to let go, made amends with ex-boyfriends and even the ex-husband and guess what I’m truly ready.

Let’s see where it leads :))


  1. Yay Gail… that’s exciting… the best thing is, is that you are putting yourself out there. I know you will find the right guy for you.😊

    I’ve found someone pretty special… we are both on the same page… no ex loves… both emotionally ready and we are in sync it feels good. 💕

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