Throwing in the Towel

There are times in life when you just have to throw in the towel.

I threw the towel in the ring a few weeks ago when it comes to battling with my weight.


Up and down the scale, always focused on what I should and shouldn’t eat is absolutely mind-blowingly exhausting.

My closet looks like a store for funeral attire. wearing so much black to look slim, squeezing into spanx so the bulge doesn’t show and God forbid if someone saw the tears I shed when the scale goes up again.

It’s enough.  I’ve had enough and I finally made the conscious decision that I will no longer diet.

I don’t consider this a failure in any way, quite the contrary it is an absolute victory in the acceptance of myself (Fully).

The strangest thing happened once I made the decision to never diet again.  Suddenly I had the freedom to eat whatever I wanted and I found at times I didn’t want to finish my plate or I decided I only wanted half a sandwich or I ate ice cream and felt no guilt.

I lost weight.  Not a lot of weight but a bit of weight, apparently my body liked the idea of letting go of dieting.

I wear what I want, tight fitting, young looking, colourful or not.  I am no longer a prisoner of my body and/or my mind.

I no longer make decisions about food based on emotions.  Wow! I wish I would have done this years ago.  It is absolute freedom to have all this space in my mind cleared up, which was once fully pre-occupied with losing weight.


I spent over 30 years not only on a diet but with a diet mindset, obsessed with each new diet tool that came out.

Most of the things I’m reading about not dieting any more encourage a lifestyle change but that is just a play on words.  No diet, no lifestyle change it is all about acceptance.  Who I am today is perfect, I don’t need to lose weight one bit.

The funny thing is no matter what size I am, do you know what doesn’t change?  I’m still Gail.


  1. Gail I love that you are happy with you decision… you need to make decisions for yourself, I am happy to hear you lost a little weight. I don’t know that I believe in dieting as I will always have to eat healthy and exercise… I am grateful that I like both and am enjoying it… however; I am not a fan of weighing as I don’t want to be ruled by a number…

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