Frank, Yoga and Piglet

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt who was a fellow Aquarian said those words in response to the problems of the Great Depression – He was trying to tell people that their fears were contributing to the outcomes that they feared.


Last week I wrote about Junk in My Trunk … with all the cushion back there what do I have to fear of falling on my ass!

As an Aquarian I am always questioning my place in the world – how I fit in, what am I contributing, it’s exhausting and I must admit I am the biggest proponent to the fear I manifest or in my case the fear that festers.

Fear is a huge component  of health issues especially gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome of which I am currently plagued.

The best solution is “Hot Yoga” was the suggestion of Melissa the fabulous receptionist at my doctor’s office who suggested this might help while I await a referral to a specialist.


“Hot yoga is especially cleansing for the body and bloating as it increases the blood circulation to a greater level. As the body heats up and the blood is flowing it allows for easier digestion and in turn less bloating and gas.  Finding space in your lower abdomen, such as forward bends and downward dog, help the release of entrapped gases, thus bringing the bloating to a minimum.”

Humm all I’m going to say is I might be better off trying this at home first, I don’t want to turn around and find out everyone has collapse in the class due to me passing gas.  That would create more fear for sure and anxiety!!

What I am realizing is what I do control compared to what is beyond my control, I must somehow find a way to silence the rumblings of my tummy so that I can truly hear my own voice.

I’m reminded of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, who had many fears but was brave when it involved helping his friends.  In the same way I must be brave so that I can help my friends.


I tell myself I’m not afraid, PIGLET


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