Mark My Words


On March 25 2014 I wrote a post called I’m Living a Lie, it was about finally getting honest with myself that I couldn’t quit smoking.

One year later, in the same month I did quit (March 1, 2015).

By admitting to myself and to all of you in a post (putting it out there in the universe) that I was powerless over cigarettes, I finally got the help and support I needed.

Yes once again @JustinBieber has a song that fits #MarkMyWords from the #PurposeMovement

(excerpt from I’m living a lie)

“I keep telling myself untruths about bad habits especially when it comes to smoking.

The fact is I have no idea how to give it up.  A part of me wants to and I guess part of me is holding on for the lack of a better word – as a form of self-sabotage.”

My daughter decided to quit with me and we set a date – March 1st – tomorrow will be 9mths we both haven’t smoked.

We used a Vapour to quit.  While using this method I’ve heard people say things like “you really haven’t quit smoking if you are vaping” which is the main thing “SOME” people bring up.

Let me be clear – I QUIT SMOKING – I don’t buy cigarettes, smell like a cigarette, breath in second-hand smoke or follow the smoking routine.

A Few Facts about Vaping

A Vape uses an atomizer  also called a tank which is a component employed with a heating element to vaporize a flavored solution, that may or may not contain nicotine.  Similar to an atomizer used for a perfume.


The nicotine oil comes in various levels from 18mg (High) to 0mg (None) 12mg , 6mg and 3mg in between.


I started at 6mg and recently went down to 3mg.  My plan is to get to 0mg by the time I reach my one year on March 1 2016.

This is very different from using a nicotine patch which out of interest starts at 21mg of nicotine and is on your body 24 hours a day.

Vaping gives you the opportunity to focus on your health rather than the emotional separation from smoking.  You don’t have to stop spending time with your smoking friends and slowly you can wean yourself off the emotional ties as well.

This is an E-Cigarette


This is a Vape


#MarkMyWords Purpose is so important, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  @JustinBieber

Make your intentions known and put them out there – what do you have to lose except maybe a bad addiction.

I think I need to follow the same process with food.




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  1. I think it’s wonderful that you quit, any way that you or others quit is awesome. I know how hard it is, for me I had to quit cold turkey but that isn’t the way everyone can do it… I’m almost at a year… I know you’ll make it there and beyond xox ♡

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