My Name is TRUTH

On Facebook you sometimes get to do these little games like the #NameTest to find out things about yourself – I recently did one about “What is your Word for 2016“,  turns out my word  for 2016 is TRUTH.

Truth has many different meanings, I define it as a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

So what is my TRUTH for 2016?

I believe my purpose is to be a positive beacon of light, I believe that I was always meant to inspire others no matter how big or small the inspiration is.

I believe in God and I work to be a better person to achieve my goal of being the best Gail I can be Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

I found these 12 promises which I feel really define my truth for 2016, you can read it all here:

12 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever

I think at the point in my life, this is the promise that resonates the most to me.

“I will live a life that feels right to me, not one that looks right to others.” – Give yourself permission to follow the path that makes YOU happy.  And realize that some people in your life will refuse to walk beside you as you embark on this journey; they simply won’t approve no matter what you say, and that’s OK.  Sometimes when you commit yourself to creating your own happiness, it clashes with the perceptions of others.  Sometimes when you gain something great, you have to let go of something else.  And sometimes this ‘something else’ is a relationship that only wants you to do what they want you to do.

We are all flawed, I just really enjoy trying to fix myself.  I could accept myself the way I am but I truly believe that I make these changes because it brings different people in my life I might not have met otherwise.  It is what makes me happy, when I focus on myself the stars align.  My mood is positive and I am a much better version of myself.

There will be times where the new routine I am planning will be difficult and I will want to quit but in those moments I hope I remember that I am absolutely a powerful strong woman who has jumped over every hurdle in her path.

I was 19 years old and a single mom and I quit a course I was in, my father felt the need to tell me I was a failure but I am never a failure in God’s eyes.  You see you can only fail if you stop trying and I never will.

The truth is you can only fail if you stop or don’t try but as long as there is breath you need to pick yourself up and keep going.

In 2016 my TRUTH is adopting the #NIKE Credo of Just Do It or more eloquently spoken by Shia LaBeouf in this video: 



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