Make Excuses, Make Changes

Do you want to keep living the way you are living?

NO!!! I don’t – I choose to make a change.

I was reading this morning that it is about the mindset, wanting to go to the gym as opposed to having to go to the gym.



Making it a social thing – I think that will be key for me and not letting my stomach issues dictate my life will be another.

Make Excuses, Make Changes – it is really a choice.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.   If I keep living my life on the proverbial and the real leather couch always afraid to get off for fear of getting sick in public it defeats what I can do to change things today.

It takes me a while to do things.  I can’t simply make a change overnight.  It can take me months and sometimes years to get everything to align in an effort to make a change.  It’s a bit of a thing, that I must be completely fed up or a beaming light must go off as it did with smoking, where it was just time.


I am ramping myself up to make some big changes this year. I started some of them in 2015 but 2016 will blow those changes clear out of the water.  You see I am pumping and ramping myself up.

A co-worker who I truly see as an incredible role model for health was a bit frazzled yesterday at the thought of not having space to work out at the gym with all the new people with resolutions taking up room.

She quickly stated, after three weeks most of them will be gone.

I agree with her, it is sad but very true, most people do not stick with a resolution – only 8% will do it.  Well guess what? my lucky number is 8. Now I am pumping and ramping and boasting.


I want the gym to be a long-term interest and not just a fly by night goal.  It should be something I actually enjoy and  something that is honestly an integrated part of my life.

I am going to #GoodLifeFitness to register tonight so here is to #Boasting, #Ramping, #Achieving,  #Pumping






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