I Am The Warrior



Yes, yes I’m yelling.  Sometimes a warrior has to start the day with a battle cry.

Patty Smyth – The Warrior

I was sick yesterday, at home with pain in the lower left side of my abdomen again!  The same consistent pain that has been there for exactly 8 years.  I had surgery to remove excess skin on my tummy after I lost over 70lbs in January of 2008.

The result I’ve now come to know thanks to a wonderful Gastroenterologist is that scar tissue is blocking a part of my colon on the lower left side.

Does that sound painful? It is :((

“Break out of Captivity” I Am The Warrior


I’ve gone from being depressed to being extremely angry.  For the last 8 years I have seen myself gain back the weight I worked so hard to lose, but I don’t despair.  You sometimes have to hit bottom before you get up.

You see my way of dealing with the pain has been to eat mindlessly.

In my mind I thought if I can just get things through my colon the pain will go away, junk food was a temporary distraction from the pain, I told myself….it doesn’t  work and the pain hasn’t gone away.

An addict will tell themselves ANYTHING to justify the addiction – Food Addiction Signs and Overcome Food Addictions

So yesterday as I sat home in pain, I did what I always do…I ate.  Feeling sorry for myself I grabbed all the “comfort” food I could find, except none of these foods provide actual comfort more like extra cushion if you know what I mean!!!

In my mind-numbing euphoria something snapped!

I don’t know what it was.  All of a sudden I was like a mad woman determined to stop this pattern.  I cleaned out my fridge and cupboards of all processed foods and threw out anything with sugar or carbs in it.

I was shocked to see some of the foods that contained sugar….cray-cray-crazy. In the end only spices remained in the cupboards and the fridge contained fruits, some meat and veggies.

“Won’t be Caged, From the Call of The Wild” I Am The Warrior


I packed my lunch and four snacks with enthusiasm and sass.

LUNCH: (a huge spinach salad with mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers), SNACK 1: (grapes, almonds) SNACK 2: blueberries, orange), SNACK 3: (apple), SNACK 4: (Banana)

The reason for 4 snacks is that I’m going to the gym, one is for before the gym (SNACK 3) and the other is for after my workout (SNACK 4)


There comes a time in our lives when you know it’s time.  Time to come out with health guns blazing and go extreme.  YOU have to live and breathe what you want before your body and mind realize you are changing the game.

Believe in God and above all believe in yourself.  When you wake up in the morning make the decision to have a healthy positive kick ass day, this is where I find Soca Music to be extremely helpful.  Here is @Destra the Queen of Bacchanal. Just try not to let your booty shake too much :))

Your faith will be tested in fact one of my co-worker is currently taking a Donut Making Class and bringing in her spoils every week!!!

I have two upcoming work lunches and my birthday is around the corner -temptation will be seriously rampant but I Am The Warrior.  The only way to combat all of it is to be prepared.


According to the Skinny Ms. Webpage: More than likely when you give up Sugar you will experience some withdrawals. Sugar is very addictive and you will likely experience some side effects. It is possible to experience headaches, weakness, and irritability. It will pass and typically takes 2-4 days to get through this phase.

When you give up carbs your body feels better, here are 6 Amazing Ways Your Body Changes When You Give Up Carbs

They don’t call me Gale Force Winds for nothing, I can do this.  The only thing that stands in my way is ME and I am currently not talking to that side of myself LOL.

“Bang, Bang” I Am The Warrior


  1. Gym everyday for the next 30 days including weekends 1 hour x 7 days
  2. No Sugar and No Carbs for 30 days
  3. Finding ways to ease the scar tissue pain without eating it away
  4. Motivate, Inspire, Battle Cry
  5. Praise God



“Victory Is Mine” I Am The Warrior

As the @CanadianAirForce would say “Per Ardua Ad Astra” which meansThrough Adversity to the Stars” 









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