Self-ish, Self-Gail, Self-Absorbed

It’s day 14 – No Carbs and No Sugar.  I’m seriously contemplating continuing this for much longer than 30 days.

I am feeling fantastic!  No bloating, no gassiness, no inflammation and so much more energy than I had before.

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far already.  I will share the weight loss later…only at the end of the 30 days, right now I’m just going to stay focused on the day-to-day events.

This is definitely a turning point, it can go one of two ways unless I also start making some other changes in my life.

This isn’t my first time down this road so I know how easily I can backslide, trust me it doesn’t take much.

The one side effect is I have a very short fuse at the moment…my temper is easily flared as you will see from the rest of this post.

Now, let’s get to the title of this week’s post –Self-ish, Self-Gail, Self-Absorbed.

Of course this morning someone had to make a comment about who I am as a person.

According to this person I am full of myself, always focused on myself.  As the title indicates I am Self-Ish, Self-Absorbed, Self-Centered.

I won’t disagree that I am self-absorbed but WHY does someone feel the need to point that out so randomly.  Did this in some way make them feel better about themselves?  Since this person said it in front of my boss and another co-worker, did that make them feel superior in any way? I am just a little perplexed at WHY someone feels the need to point out someone else’s flaws…did he think I didn’t know this about myself?

I back-peddled a bit trying to defend myself, my feathers were definitely WAY UP.


I’m guilty of having many flaws, I wouldn’t be surprised that self-centered is one of them.  I do really like to talk about myself :))

What perplexed me is how his comment really came out of left field or did it?   It isn’t uncommon for sabotage to come in many ways, shapes or forms.  So how do you prepare yourself for this type of uncalled form of sabotage?

The only way you can prepare is to…feel the anger, don’t eat it.  Admit to the flaw and forget about it, although my stance at this point was really aggressive, I was ready to pounce…


I have to realize that the other person must not be happy in their life and therefore they feel the need to point out my shortcomings, in essence why should they be miserable alone.

So now instead of eating a whole cheesecake I’m going to enjoy a banana and a handful of nuts.  You see I refuse to eat my emotions anymore!!!! Those days are done and if that makes me Self-Ish, Self-Absorbed and/or Self-Centered I say “No Cake for YOU!”


Being Unprepared is the number #1 reason for not sticking to a plan.

Every January we end up in the same boat, overspent at Christmas, didn’t take into account our paychecks were dropping once again and oh yes some financial glitch comes along and we are completely shocked!!!

We are on the Groundhog Day Vortex funny enough it’s #GroundHogDay today, you know what I mean, like that #BillMurray movie reliving this yearly fail over and over again.  I don’t know about you but for me it is like this regardless of my best intentions.

When you do groceries without a list you end up with schtuff that you regret…am I right!!!  If I bring snacks every day and pack my lunch I am more likely to continue on this route to success.  If on the other hand I choose not to plan, I am leaving myself open for schtuff ending up in my mouth and being in complete shock that it got there LOL.  How did I just eat that whole cheesecake?

So am I Self-ish, Self-absorbed and Self-centered?  Right now as I’m working towards a goal of being healthier,  you bet I’m am :))

If you have the need to talk about my personality, my appearance or anything else you feel the need to comment on, just realize it might hurt you more than it hurts me.  I’m going to use the anger I feel in the moment to fuel me at the gym.

Down the road, when you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk just don’t be surprised if I choose to ignore you coz I’m selfish that way.

Oh and by the way, I’ve outdone myself with this post. #SelfIsh #SelfGail #SelfAbsorbed #SelfCentered








  1. Haha, you go Gail… I laugh at those people. They need to fix what they are unhappy with in their life and leave everyone else alone. I certainly don’t feel the need to point out other people’s faults, I have way too many of my own.

    I need to commit to sugar free, I know how much better I will feel… keep inspiring xox ♡

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