My Friend Duane


14344688_1418920911456338_7928078729140562256_nI lost a very dear friend yesterday.  Duane is one of those people you meet that you so wish you could clone.  This is a guy who was always up for anything, always the first to RSVP with friends and family for everything under the sun.

He would remember every detail you shared with him and really genuinely cared about you.  I always loved how after a visit he would send me a text to say how great it was to see me and then he would recant all the things I talked about or that happened with him during our visit.

When you lose someone, it forces you to ponder your own mortality.  Have I done enough, been enough, loved enough….I can only hope to match Duane’s kindness, enthusiasm and love.  I sometimes get so overwhelmed and retreat from everyone, I really wish I could be more like Duane and be there for others without feeling drained.

I tell my grand-daughter all the time to see life as more than a blessing, some of us get only a very short time on earth, while others get a lifetime.  The problem is when we worry about how long we have we inevitably forget to enjoy each and every moment.

Life is truly not easy, we all have serious heavy crosses to bear including health issues, career upheaval, family drama and sometimes even a financial crisis.

In the end Duane who fought a valiant fight against Cancer, said it best “It’s about quality of life, not quantity”

He had the most infectious laughter, during an event we worked on together we had these banana holder prototypes that were black in color and well here is a yellow one, now picture it black and see if you can keep a straight face.

toogoo-r-banana-case-lunch-box-protector-container-holder-carrier-storage-yellow_10639807img_0387 here is the actual one.

Duane and I had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, he teased me about this for months, even chasing me down with one at one point.  He was such an absolute comedian.  I loved sharing things with him, he was an astounding listener.

He infiltrated my life, my friends, my family and my heart in the most awesome way and as hard as it is to lose him and know that I will never get to hear his voice again…I wouldn’t change the fact that meeting him and knowing him was worth every tear.

He gave me courage and the wisest words when I started doing events and working with both management and co-workers.  He told me that this was my event and therefore I am in the lead regardless of my stature.  He pushed me to be a good leader and he taught me to love what I do because he loved it.

Working with Duane, being friends with Duane was worth every second and I’m so very sad to lose you my sweet Duane, I love you and I will miss you always.

I know everyone who had a chance to work or get to know him at CBC adored him :))




  1. Fail, I am SO sorry for your loss. I understand the deep sadness you feel, he sounded like such a wonderful person, we all should emulate.

    I’ve been wondering how you are? Life gets so busy and time gets away from us quickly… I apologize for not reaching out sooner xox ♡

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