Trump, Winnie the Pooh and Cougars

It’s a bit hard to get back into the writing swing of things again.  I don’t have writer’s block or anything but I’m just not sure what to write about these days.

One of the reason’s that I stopped writing is that I felt judged, seriously it threw me off my game for a while…but I’m back and I’ve fully regained my spirit.  This post is going to be a melee of thoughts so bear with me.

Thank God I’m not a journalist having to write about @DonaldTrump or @HilaryClinton, I think I would start supporting guns.  This has got to be the longest, most ridiculous election in U.S history.



By the way did you know that the rule of thumb for age differences is  (Half your Age + 7, so if you are 50 divided by 2, you get 25 + 7).  That would mean the youngest man/woman you can date would be 32.  29 would be a bit of a stretch :))

I wouldn’t mind if I writing about the @TorontoBlueJays – they are currently in 3rd place overall on the MLB Standings.

They are doing amazing and what a hot looking bunch, the average age is 29 on the team by the way laides , hmmm guess that’s when being a cougar could get kind of interesting :))


I date younger guys because they make me feel prettier and more attractive, Simple as that.  Considering how hard it is for a woman to feel good about herself these days, I don’t think I need to feel bad for that.

I am pretty excited at the moment – I officially lost 30 lbs – can I hear a woot woot :)) I must admit it wasn’t and isn’t easy.

I don’t have a recent picture I want to show so instead I will show you this


In the last 10 months on 3 occasions I have done a 30 Day Cleanse eliminating Dairy, Refined Carbs and Refined Sugars.  I am on day 5 of one right now.  It is not for the faint at heart.

My daughter Fallon did one with me in July, here is what she had to say about it:

In the beginning I had headaches and cravings but in the end it was beneficial especially since I got to see some underlying health issues. I felt healthier, less fatigued and had much more energy. Added bonus I lost some weight.

There is no such thing as a happy life or a happy wife for that matter, it’s all about life balance, you can chose to let things derail you or you can chose to use the momentum (as I did) to propel you on a course to kicking some booty, literally and figuratively.

You will have ups, downs and even some touch the ground as our friend Winnie the Pooh says.  The simple trick is to decide…it is that simple.  We sometimes don’t want to…deep down inside.  It’s hard to give up certain things especially when they are around us 24/7.  I am truly blessed to have support both at home and at work.

The best thing in life to focus on is laughter – it will get you through anything.  If you have friends and family you can laugh with, you can get through it.  Make sure to make fun of yourself, love who you want to love and wake up once in a while wondering where the weekend went.

Life is too short to worry about Donald Trump’s toupee or Hilary’s lack of stance on her husband’s infidelity.  Personally I think they would both do well to put a little less starch in their clothing, they both look like they can’t bend :))





  1. Well I for one missed you a lot! Welcome back and those younger guys you date have NO idea just how lucky they are! Keep being you and you have my word, I will never judge you.

    and YES this election cycle has sucked ass!! If the unthinkable happen the he gets elected I may want to borrow your guest room for a while….

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