YOU can think that you aren’t in control of your actions.   In fact, you can choose to give your control to others.  Personally, I choose to control my own life, good or bad it is my life and I will choose what I do with it.

Giving up bad habits is one thing I struggled with until I stopped worrying about how others do it and decided to do it the way it worked for me.

The first step to dealing with any addiction is admitting you have a problem. Once I was able to admit that I had a problem with smoking everything else fell into place.

In March of 2014, I posted this: I’m Living a Lie and the subconscious decision was made to quit smoking.

I quit cigarettes on March 1, 2015.  I took up vaping after researching it with my daughter.  I felt this would give me the best chance at successfully becoming smoke-free.

I used the vape to taper down the nicotine, starting at 6mg until I was at 0mg of nicotine and then it was all about tackling the hand to mouth habit which honestly is a bigger part of the addiction.

At the beginning of August, after returning from a trip to the East Coast I stopped vaping completely.

I was absolutely ready.

No desire to smoke or vape at all.

I am now a full-fledged, deliriously happy non-smoker

My next challenge is weight loss, I recently found out I have arthritis in both knees, if I plan to be around for a while longer I want it to be as a healthy, not filled with pain person.

Again with weight loss, I have to start with admitting I have a problem with food.  I do have a problem with food.

I recently started a medication called Saxenda that works like a hormone produced by the body naturally and that regulates appetite, this hormone is known as glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1).

I have tried every which way imaginable to Lose Weight/Manage Weight in the past but the challenge was frankly the anxieties and intolerances I’ve developed over the years which impact my eating.   With this medication, the hypersensitivity has subsided and I’m able to focus on good food choices, exercise and better weight management.

Choosing to do for yourself is the only way to thrive in the world. You can only know yourself and your own reactions, so this is the only truly accurate compass you will ever have.

When you get on a plane the first thing they tell you is in the event of a crash put the oxygen mask on yourself first.  If you aren’t breathing you can’t be of any use to anyone else, the same is true in your everyday life – breathe first, then help others.

The truth is today I am literally breathing better, not only because I am putting myself first but because I quit smoking, yeah baby!!!! 🙂

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