My Dream

I could write about my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 or how hard it was dealing with my Mother’s death last year or I could even write about all the issues that came up in the last few months both at work and home, but instead, I want to write about what I’m doing now to face the positive road ahead.

I’m developing an online show!!! for serious #TheGailYoungShow… It was on hold last year as I mourned my Mother’s passing but now I’m setting some very achievable goals to make it happen for realz.

It might turn out to be a total flop, or it might just succeed but regardless a lifelong dream to become the Oprah of Canada has to happen with @TheGailYoungShow.

I can’t in good conscience, preach to others about following their dreams and not even try to meet mine.

To be honest I’m more excited about the process at this point.  I’m taking a course online at the moment: Media Skills: How to be a great talk show host, I plan to take some more courses on presentation, talking on-screen, interview skills and more.

I’m also working on developing what type of segments to have on my show, what kind of sponsors I want to eventually attract and who to collaborate with ( who will be my Dr Oz,  The Ultimate Fashionista,  The Excellent Adventure Specialist,  The Healthy Guru,  the Celebrity Analyzer and more…)

An image is everything, especially in showbiz, even online.  It isn’t because I think you have to look a certain way on-screen (thin, beautiful) but rather because you need a hook since the show is about me, I’m the hook.  Who am I and why would people watch my show instead of watching a show with @EllenDegeneres?  The show will also have promos leading up to the launch that will include me having some new adventures which will need a “Healthy Gail” and some of the segments will involve a bit of a makeover and maybe even a tattoo as well :)) Have I piqued your curiosity?  I sure hope so and I hope you will share my social media sites below with your friends and family.  I’m all for sharing :))

This year is about following my dream and challenging myself in every capacity imaginable.  I’m leaving the blah behind and welcoming the blasé, after all, you only live once and if I fall on my face I’m sure I can get back up, if I can’t I have a wonderful family and an amazing group of friends who will run to help me.

I’m going to use this blog to update you on the progress of my show, test out some segments and keep you up-to-date on everything leading up to going live.

You can follow me on FB TheGailYoungShow/ and FB Group The Gail Young Show – Positive Group, on Instagram TheGailYoungShow, on Twitter GailYoungShow and on YouTube TheGailYoungShow

2018 is the year I finally pursue my dream.