On My Way to My Dream – Positive, Health, Style and Jes!

In my last post, I talked about finally making my dream of “becoming the Oprah of Canada” a reality.

First things first.  I’m working on my image – I’ve set a goal of losing 60lbs – Start Date December 27, 2017.  I’m on a 30 Day Cleanse (no refined carbs, no refined sugars, no dairy and no alcohol – today is Day 16Below are details of what a cleanse is all about.  It is not something to do on a continuous basis.

Avoid Certain Foods During a Cleanse

During the 30 days of the cleanse, avoid foods that come with long food labels, especially with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Fast food, frozen dinners, bottled dressings and sauces, energy bars, soft drinks, snack crackers and chips, cereal bars and boxed cereals should be replaced with foods in their natural state. Alcohol and tobacco are also off-limits during a cleanse.

Some cleanses prohibit foods that contain ingredients to which many people are intolerant, such as gluten or lactose. If you do decide to remove dairy products or gluten-containing grains such as wheat, ensure you consume an alternative with similar nutritional profiles. For example, if you eliminate dairy, opt for unsweetened, fortified almond or coconut milk to obtain calcium and vitamin D. If you remove gluten, gluten-free grains such as quinoa or brown rice provide you with the fiber you might miss by ditching whole-wheat products.

You can also use a cleanse to abstain from eating animal products, such as meat, poultry and eggs. A diet focused on plant proteins instantly reduces your exposure to antibiotics, saturated fats and hormones. Whether you choose this approach is completely up to you. But, if you do adopt a vegan or vegetarian approach, pay special attention to acquiring protein from soy, dried beans, nuts and seeds. Ask your doctor if she thinks you’ll need a vitamin B-12 supplement because B-12 is hard to acquire naturally on a vegan diet.

As I mentioned my goal is to lose 60 lbs – Set, Motivated, I’ve got this!

I have lost 7 lbs so far, My goal is now 53, I’m updating the sign at my desk at work to motivate myself every minute of every day.


I’m reading about all the roadblocks that can get in my way so I am preparing for it – sabotage by others even your loved ones is a sure thing, that innocent offer of a donut or placing food close by to entice you … I’ve got this, bring it bitches, I’m ready for it, “Nobody Asked You Sabotager”.  Reminds me of Robin Sherbatsky of #HowIMetYourMother and her anger with Patrice LOL.


I’m at the gym 2-3 times a week, Aquafit or Swimming 2 times a week and 10,000 Steps per day, here is my BEFORE picture so we can compare later.  It was taken on January 3, 2018 @HoneFitness

unnamed (1)

I now have 3 groups associated with my FB Page for #TheGailYoungShow – The Groups are POSITIVE, HEALTH, STYLE and you can join, get your friends and family to join to get great tips and supports on these topics, I will be adding more topics and I will be looking for contributors.  I want to introduce you to my very first contributor Jes Tongio who will be my style expert.  I am so excited,  Jes will be an amazing addition to my team.


If you would like to know more about Jes, check out her webpage Brash & Brilliant and follow her on Instagram @brashbrilliant.

I’m on a waiting list for a course in public speaking and I’m going to start working on graphics for the show.

This is happening!  I am finally doing this!!! If you are looking for motivation to go after or do what you have always wanted to do, check out the 20 reasons to ignore everyone and follow your dream.

20 reasons why you should ignore everyone and follow your dreams:

  1. The only “yes” you need to follow your dreams is yours.
  2. You’ll regret it later in life, and if you’re delaying it, you’ll question yourself why didn’t you do it sooner.
  3. Not following your dreams makes you feel unaccomplished.  Eventually, this will stop you from dreaming altogether.
  4. It will attract some attention, even from the naysayers and haters. You will feel strong as you prove the naysayers wrong.  As Walter Bagehot said; “The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
  5. People who follow their dreams are doersDoers have more power to create, influence, and change their environment… and eventually the world.
  6. Life feels more memorable; hence you feel and become more memorable.
  7. Following your dreams might take unexpected turns, but those are the exciting and memorable challenges of living the dream.
  8. Those challenges will help you grow as they make you step out of your comfort zone.
  9. Dreams make you take chances, but chances can bring more opportunities.
  10. Afraid of it? Good. Being afraid makes you feel more alive, so smash through that brick wall of fear.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Elbert Hubbard once said, “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”
  11. Your dreams and your actions define you.  Don’t let others define you with what they tell you to do and not to.
  12. You will inspire others to follow their dreams, even if they know nothing about you.
  13. Following your dreams makes you interesting.
  14. Who doesn’t love to challenge the status quo?
  15. There are no rules in life so why limit yourself to what everybody else is doing?
  16. Accomplishing your dreams will spark even bigger dreams. (Following this dream made me realize an even greater one: I became location independent! Learn more about it here.)
  17. You feel you have something more to live for.
  18. Even if your dreams fail, you’ll feel proud you gave it your all to accomplish them. Dreamers fail now and then, but they also learn more in life. You learn from failure.  So, dust yourself off and try it again.
  19. If you question, what is my purpose?  This is it…Follow your dreams.
  20. It’s your life, live it under your terms!

On my way to being the Oprah of Canada – The Gail Young Show

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