Multifaceted New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolution this year is multifaceted.

The Ultimate goal is to be more awesome than I was last year 🙂


First off I’m going to continue on the same health plan I started last January.  I set out to lose 59.5 lbs in 2 years and a full year into it I am almost halfway at my goal.  I walk more, feel way more energized and slowly but surely I feel like myself BUBBLY!!!  The correlation between food and a chronic illness like #FIBROMYALGIA are absolutely bang on.

By changing the way I eat I eliminate inflammation in my body and diminish pain.  It helps with fatigue and brain fog as well.  Many people with this illness are on disability and I can understand why.  At my worst I have pain all over my body, it even hurts to type.  I feel lathargic and depressed and completely knocked down.

I am currently on Day 4 of a strict (No Carbs, No Dairy and No Sugar) plan for the next 30 to 45 days…If I last for 45 days it takes me right to my Birthday, a perfect time to come off and enjoy a piece of cake and party with friends :))  #30DayCleanse

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Keeping track of the days and the effects of the food on my mind and body helps.  Right now I have a headache because I cut out sugar The Hell of Giving Up Sugar, the pain is pretty strong and won’t subside until at least day 6.

I’m having difficulty sleeping and I am prone to be a bit more irritability, that is from the lack of carbs believe it or not: Low Carb Diet Makes You Irritable.


My next resolution for the New Year is going to be Financial Health/Saving Money.

I need to get a better grip on my frivolous spending, expenses and I truly need to learn more about good investments.  I need a complete overall in that department.  This year has been rough in every sense of the word, financially as well.


This I think is a good start: 10 Habits Financially Stable People Have.  First I have to put aside the bad feelings of many years of just getting by and realize I’m not there any more.  I need to be a bit more discerning with my funds.


Last but not least my New Year’s Resolution is above all to LOVE everything and everyone.  To let go of any hurt, past regrets, embarrassments, perceived failures, pain and loss.  To cherish every minute of every day and to embrace fear.

2017 will see me as a true champion of #LOVE as the song says: All You Need is Love.


The image above is from a site called:Face Everything and Rise, they have some really great quotes to live by.

In closing I want to wish you a Happy New Year – Here is my personal quote to start the year: “Be True to yourself, life is too short to be someone else.”  When you look at the feature image for this post, many stickies have already been removed in my life  – Quit Smoking, Drink Less, Lose Weight and Join a Gym.  Now I just have to get rid of all the other stickies and I’m golden.