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I might never win with the “weight loss game” but I’m going to keep fighting and trying to find something that works for me both for the loss and pain management.

Source: It Ain’t Easy Being Lean | The Gail Young Show –

It Ain’t Easy Being Lean

How’s this for an instant block to weigh loss – it’s not easy being lean.

 “We don’t know if  fibromyalgia causes weight gain or vice versa.” … “Fibromyalgia patients have a 25% lower metabolism, on average, than someone without fibromyalgia of the same age and body weight”.

Now I kinda feel I got around this with the changes I made with food choices (no sugar, carbs or dairy) but what I didn’t account for was impending grief, stress and depression.

It’s a god damn formula, a balancing act to get this right and we all know from my track record of accidents that I have absolutely no balance whatsoever.

I’m tired this week, my body is aching and the food plan is practically non-existent, comfort foods have found their way back into my home.

All that hard work I put in to lose 30lbs in the last year or so has practically reversed itself since I’ve regained half of that weight back!!!

Yes, you have guess it I’m having a poor me day today, the pounding headache doesn’t help either.

So, does that mean I’m giving up?  Hey Gail, great minds want to know.

Absolutely not.

This just means I am going to start back at a deficit weight point but the glass is still half full, I didn’t gain back 30, I gained back 15.

I just have to wait for this wave of pain, depression, grief, stress and worry to pass over – ironically Passover is just around the corner.

When life knocks you down, get back up and fight harder.


I used to have a t-shirt that said I’m a lover not a fighter but the truth is…I’m a fighter, I don’t take no for an answer and I absolutely never give up.

I might never win with the “weight loss game” but I’m going to keep trying to find something that works for me both for the loss and pain management.

On a positive note, the show ideas are flowing – I’m excited about getting things ready to launch.

My dog Tiger is going for dental surgery this week, he has an abscess and he needs an extraction, I’m hoping all will go well.  I’m very anxious about it!!

Please keep my puppy in your prayers xoxo #doglove

On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!

Top of the morning to you! Tally ho and pip pip.  Well there you go that is the extent of my British twang.  I hope you can tell I’m very chipper today :)) On the way in to work this morning I had a bit of a bounce in my step, a dress I wore years ago fits me again and I’m showing a wee bit of cleavage today LOL.

Can you say SEXY – yes!!! starting to feel like my old self again, too bad younger men are off my list now…damn.

I was listening to some old disco this morning and I really really wanted to break out in a dance – disco, disco duck :))


I’m so excited about Christmas being over, no I’m not being pessimistic, I am actually excited about January starting.  I will get to go back to the gym!!!!

Olivia Newton John

I am so ready to kick it into high gear, this gal is gonna have a rockin’ body by the time summer rolls around.

I have not felt this optimistic about my health for a while :))

I am planning to make a few more changes in the new year. (I will tell you all about them closer to New Year.

Another Reno is planned on the upstairs and downstairs hallway for January.  It is a lot of work but I am really enjoying my renovated washroom and I know I will feel the same about this too.

I was out sledding with my daughter and grand daughter last night, we had such a blast.  I am so glad to have the energy to be able to do this now.

The dietary changes I have made since last January are about much more than weight loss. I am not feeling pain in my body from Fibromyalgia, I am energetic and my digestive issues are almost completely gone.

I went out last Friday night by myself after work for a drink, I made some new friend (Katrina & Andy) and my friend Rondy joined us…It was a blast :))

Things are not perfect, I am not perfect but every day that I get my life in order gets a bit more perfect.  Getting things organized is about much more than my house LOL.

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

This was me in 2009, fit and healthy – I am on my way there again :))

A Simple Truth

I want to tell you a simple truth that you might not be ready to hear.  I know when it happened to me I was a bit chocked by this revelation.

Are you ready?

If you are overweight it is because you aren’t eating enough!!!!  You are looking at this right now and thinking to yourself, that’s it Gail’s completely fallen off the rocker…

I first heard about this when I did Weight Watchers years ago.  It’s a hard concept to take in but it is really true.  I can promise you that you aren’t eating enough.

To justify having that piece of cake, you skipped breakfast or you munched on some rice cakes last night which did nothing to nourish your body.


Or if you eat too much today, tomorrow your day is filled with uber salads and low-fat foods which makes your body go yo-yo.

I’m no expert but I do a lot of research, it’s the one thing I enjoy doing and when I see that others have success I listen to what they suggest.

One of my ex’s and no he isn’t from Texas LOL, found out last year, he is diabetic.  In an effort to take control of his eating he became a bit obsessed with regulating his blood sugar.

The tip I gained from him, is that your first meal of the morning should have absolutely no sugar at all.  Having sugar first thing in the morning spikes your insulin and sends your cravings into overdrive.  It’s like a heroin addict getting that first needle of the day.

Low blood sugar might be to blame for intense morning sugar cravings. If your blood sugar isn’t properly managed and maintained, it can fall extremely low during the night when you’re not filling your body with food. When you wake up, your body craves sugar as a quick fix for low blood sugar. Although this blood sugar battle occurs more frequently with people who have diabetes, it can affect anyone — especially if you aren’t eating the right foods before bedtime.

I also found out that green veggies  prevent many illnesses, it wasn’t a joke when we were told as kids to eat our broccoli, they are full of nutrients and they help with cravings too :))


Cravings are not quite the same as hunger…and in fact they couldn’t be more different. Hunger is controlled by the stomach but cravings are controlled by the brain. Hunger is all about your survival mechanism, but cravings are all about your body communicating with you.

Here is an example of what I eat today, compared to what I ate before:

Breakfast – 7:30 am

Two Eggs, 4 Thin Slices of Turkey and Half a Plantain (which is delicious and very nutritious, part of the banana family but not sweet. With this I have a black coffee.

Snacks – 

Morning (Banana around 10:30) Afternoon (Grapes around 2:30) Evening (Watermelon around 7:00)

Lunch – 12:30 pm

Sushi which includes crab and cucumber made by my daughter )) with a small soy sauce and a small cucumber cut in small pieces.

Dinner  – 6:30 pm

A full bushel of spinach, two cups of green beans and two sausages

I sometimes get Cashews, Almonds and Pistachios for extra snacks as well.

Now here is a bit of an example of what my food was before yikes!!!

Breakfast – 9:30 am

None  or two small yogurts with canned peaches, or oatmeal with brown sugar or a bagel with egg and bacon.  (all of these have sugar including the bagel)



Lunch – 12:30 pm

Rice and potatoes with Pork and Salad and tzatziki sauce

Dinner– 6:00 pm

a frozen Ristorante pizza

As you can see from both examples I didn’t snack at all and breakfast was not within an hour of waking up in my previous food plan.

When you eat late in the morning, for example when you get to work,  your body is starving and will hold on to that fat like dear life.  “Oh no bitches I ain’t leaving that body now, you starved me for too long, instead I’m going to make sure anything you give me now is going to get stored, in case you try to starve me again”

Your body needs lots of green fresh veggies, a good early breakfast, lots of water and a cap on eating at night.  If you make a few changes you will see the weight come right off.

Mindless eating and mindless dieting can do more harm than good, if you eliminate vitamins and nutrients your body needs, you could lose weight but you might get sick doing it.  My suggestion is to do some research in what you need to be healthy first and try changing small details first.


Don’t just look at what you eat, look at when you eat and how much you eat too.  It’s all about balance and if you want a long healthy life, you need to make this a priority not just for losing weight but for sustaining the gift you have – a functional, happy body :))